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Moving abroad

Moving abroad can be a complicated process, but it is well worth the trouble! Moving to another country allows you to start a new exciting chapter, experience a different lifestyle and meet interesting people. We know you have many questions about immigration, visas, accommodation and health insurance. Even opening a bank account can vary from country to country. We’re here to provide you with as much information as possible during the relocation process.

Mundialz Moving Abroad – The Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands is simple if you are an EU citizen. No visas required, just hop on a plane! If you’re non-EU, you need a long stay entry visa and you need to register with the immigration department (IND) as soon as you arrive. EU citizens need to register their address and apply for a BSN number within 4 months of arrival. Health insurance and social security are mandatory and somewhat expensive, but they are of very high quality. Opening a bank account is simple and you will be glad to hear almost everyone will speak English. Most people rent accommodation, utilities and furniture are often included. Look online before you arrive to get ahead with the search for apartments. You will need to exchange your driving license within 185 days. This is a simple process if you’re from the EU.

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Mundialz Moving Abroad – Ireland

The immigration process is very open in Ireland. EU citizens can move here freely and non-EU citizens can apply for visas online, before arrival. You will need to apply for a PPS number so you can access public services. You may need to have your qualifications recognised before you apply for jobs. It is possible to rent or buy accommodation. Remember you will need extra money for a deposit and estate agents fees. Most apartments will come furnished so there’s no need to import all your belongings.

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Mundialz Moving Abroad – Germany

Moving to Germany is easy if you are an EU citizen. If you are non-EU, you will need a high paying job in order to apply for a work permit. Your employer will do this on your behalf. You will need to register with the municipality immediately and you should be warned that the process will all be in German. Maybe arrange someone to go with you and help you fill out the forms. There will be a lot of them! Health insurance is compulsory, but luckily your employer will pay 50% of the charges. Most rental properties come unfurnished, but there are usually plenty available. The good news is that opening a bank account is easy, you can even do it before you arrive, online!

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Mundialz Moving Abroad – Switzerland

Switzerland is not in the EU, but it is in the EEA, meaning that EU citizens are still entitled to free movement. The process is harder if you are non-EU. You will need a high paying contract and need to apply for work permits and visas before arrival. If you are from a high demand profession, such as engineering, computing or science, then the process is more likely to be successful. All expats must apply for a residence permit within 2 weeks. Health insurance is compulsory for individuals. You can open a bank account, in person, once you arrive and you need to have all your documents apostille stamped beforehand. Most apartments in the larger cities are small but of high quality. More people rent than buy and tenants’ rights are well protected.

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Mundialz Moving Abroad – About Us

When you’re moving abroad alone, it can be a daunting prospect, but Mundialz is here to support you. We understand the relocation process and know how to move overseas. Let us guide you step by step and connect you with the local community. Then you can feel at home as fast as possible.

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