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The Netherlands

About the Netherlands

The Netherlands has been voted the 4th happiest nation on Earth, by Forbes, and it’s no wonder why. The great work-life balance, wealth distribution, tolerance and lifestyle all add up to a great place to live and work. The Netherlands can offer top salaries and a low cost of living, all coupled with amazing infrastructure and public services. If you’re thinking of relocating to the Netherlands for work then read our advice pages and learn all about the land famous for windmills and tulips.

Moving to the Netherlands

EU citizens can move here without a visa or a residence permit, no questions asked. All you need is to register with the municipality when you arrive and get a BSN (citizens) number so you can access public services. Non-EU citizens need to apply for a long term stay visa (MVA) before they enter the country. Once here, they need to register with the immigration department (IND) to apply for a residence and work permit. It will help if you have special skills or qualifications that are in demand. You may need to do citizens exam to test you have a basic knowledge of the Dutch language and culture. There is a lot of bureaucracy here, but you will find everything is clear and most people are friendly and are happy to talk in English.

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Working in the Netherlands

There are plenty of job opportunities in the Netherlands for expats. The positive economy and highly educated society has created a productive industry which in turn created a need for highly skilled workers. The employment rate is very high with multinational companies such as ASML having to extend their search overseas. The Netherlands is very expat focused and has many recruitment agencies devoted especially to finding foreign talent. Companies such as TomTom, Mitsubishi, Tata Steel and Fokker provide fantastic opportunities for ambitious engineers. The government encourage entrepreneurial enterprise and startups are common. Generating an atmosphere of creativity and innovation.

Discover what it’s like working in the Netherlands.

Living in the Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their relaxed and tolerant nature. The society prides itself on equality and freedom. They have a very international outlook and you will find most people speak English extremely well. They are a very healthy nation, the skinniest in Europe according to the WHO! This is probably due to all the cycling providing people with a daily dose of incidental exercise. This naturally sporty attitude offsets a love of fries, mayo and beer and keeps the nation in tip-top condition. Football and hockey are arguably the countries favourite sports, but the Netherlands excel in many competitive arenas. Living in buzzing cosmopolitan cities, such as Eindhoven or Amsterdam, allows you to experience a lifestyle of modern convenience, but you are never more than 20 minutes away from beautiful flower-filled landscapes.

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About the Netherlands

The Netherlands has always been a country of exploration and discovery. The list of important inventions first thought of in this small country are impressive. Dutch Inventions which changed the world and the way we look at it. The Microscope, CD and even Wi-Fi were born of Dutch imagination. The key sectors in the Netherlands are quite varied. While agriculture forms an important part of the economy, the high-tech industry holds the key to the future in the Netherlands. They are investing heavily in creating creative hubs such as Brainport in Eindhoven, where high tech companies both large and influential, and small and innovative can collaborate at the cutting edge of technology.

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Vacancies in the Netherlands

The booming high tech industry is causing a massive skill shortage in certain professions. Eindhoven is touted as a new silicon valley and its massive IT companies are constantly scouring the world for computer and electrical engineers. Software experts and data specialists are in especially high demand. Aerospace and automotive engineers are needed by large companies such as Fokker and Mitsubishi. Engineers, scientists and mathematicians will find a job market that is very favourable with good benefits and great employee protection.

Mundialz is here to hold your hand on the adventure of a lifetime. Finding a job abroad is one thing, moving there and settling in is another and we will be with you every step of the way. We are a community of experienced professionals who have already been through the process and are well situated to provide advice and support.

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