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About the Netherlands

8 fascinating things about the Netherlands

If you’re want to work in Holland, then you need to find out as much about the Netherlands as possible. Check out these 8 cool things about the Netherlands.

1. The Netherlands is happy!

The Netherlands is consistently voted one of the happiest nations on Earth, due to the excellent work-life balance, wealth distribution, tolerance and healthy lifestyle. Holland offers top salaries and a low cost of living, all coupled with fantastic infrastructure and public services. Equality is at the foundation of society, women and men are treated equally, and discrimination by race or sexual identity is outlawed. This spirit of freedom and fairness is at the very core of what makes its population satisfied.

2. It’s easy to move to the Netherlands

EU citizens can move here with no questions asked. You just need to register when you arrive and get a BSN number. Non-EU citizens need to apply for a long-term visa and to register with the immigration department (IND) once they come for a residence and work permit. It helps if you have in-demand special skills or qualifications. You will find that all the paperwork is straightforward, and most people are friendly and happy to talk in English.

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3. So many career opportunities

The Netherlands has a thriving and stable economy which has created a need for highly skilled workers. Multinational companies such as ASML and Philips are having to extend their search overseas. The country is very expat focused, and companies such as TomTom, Mitsubishi, Tata Steel and Fokker can provide fantastic opportunities for ambitious engineers. There is a spirit of creativity and design, and there is encouragement and investment for entrepreneurial start-ups.

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4. Fabulous place to live

Holland is a beautiful country filled with flowers, excellent beaches and stunning national parks. The Dutch are a healthy nation with a love of sport and the outdoors. Famous for their bicycles, you can't step out your front door without encountering vehicles of the two-wheeled variety. The Netherlands is known as the farm of Europe, and their food is high quality and inexpensive, probably why they need to bike so much!

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5. International Companies have set up shop in the Netherlands

The high-tech industry is booming in the Netherlands. Some people call Eindhoven the new Silicon Valley and top international companies such as ASML, Philips and DAF are always looking for new talent. Engineers will find a job market that is very favourable with excellent benefits and great employee protection.

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6. The Netherlands has diverse key sectors

The great thing about the Netherlands is the diversity of its industry. Much of Holland is devoted to food production and it is known for its innovative agrifood technology. Other key sectors include the Dutch automotive industry, high tech, energy, chemicals, and health tech. Through its policy of accommodating highly skilled migrants from across the world, Holland has optimised its development and production.

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7. Dutch innovation is second to none

The Dutch have long been a nation of explorers. Scanning the world for new discoveries and lands. In modern times this spirit of invention continues to flourish in its industry. The country that brought you the telescope, the speed camera, the CD and WiFi, embraces innovation and design as its birthright.

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8. The Netherlands is the home of Mundialz!

Mundialz is a new, integrated careers platform helping job seekers connect with leading international companies worldwide. The world is getting smaller, and we believe that your career should not be held back by borders. Mundialz supports a community of expats who have been through the relocation process and can give you invaluable advice and support. We are work with companies internationally, but our headquarters are based right here in the Netherlands!

Let us get your international career started right now! 

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