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Dutch innovations

Being a small country has never stopped the Netherlands from exploring and discovering new places and things. Holland has a longstanding history of invention, sailing across the oceans of the world, trading with countries far and wide. Many Dutch inventions shaped the way the world works. For example, the global stock market was first created by Dutch merchants in the 17th century, and it changed the world economy forever since. Countless vital innovations like the firehose and the doughnut were the brainchild of Dutch scientists and engineers! Is it any wonder that the country who gave us the greatest scientist of all time, Christiaan Huygens, would proffer so many seminal contributions to world civilization?

Dutch Innovation – Transport

“We all live in a yellow submarine” thanks to a Dutch invention by Cornelis Drebbel. Drebbel is thought to be the Eddison of his era. He designed and built the first navigable submarine in 1620 while serving in the British Navy. It was made of greased leather stretched over a wooden frame and can count King James I as one of its very first passengers. Dutch innovators often contributed to the world of transport, with ingenuities such as the four-wheel-drive vehicle by Jacobus Spyker in 1902. The Spyker 60 HP was also the first application of a six-cylinder engine, and the company were pioneers in aerodynamic streamlining. All of which contradicts our next Dutch discovery, the speed camera! We’re sure that rally driver Maus Gastonides didn’t envisage his speed measuring camera being used by police forces the world over to catch speeding drivers even to this day.

Dutch Innovation – Audio-communication Media

Dutch discoveries are not limited to the 17th century, their contributions to audio and communication media revolutionised the way we listened to music, watched movies and shared information. Philips, an electronic company in Eindhoven, invented the first cassette tape in 1963, providing consumers with an unprecedented convenient and portable way of listening to and recording music. But Dutch innovation didn't stop there, and in 1982 Philips and Sony released the first compact disc, which led to the development of the DVD, the CD-ROM and eventually Blu-Ray. Philips hasn't stopped experimenting with futuristic concepts. In 2020, they are working on radical projects such as electronic textiles and pressure-sensitive tattoos! Dutch innovation has played an incredible role in how we transmit data since the nineties. From the short-link Bluetooth technology that enables your computer mouse and your Fitbit to the veritable miracle that is WiFi, Dutch inventions certainly changed modern living.  

Dutch Innovation – Science and Technology

In 400 years of modern history, the Netherlands has produced a distinguished array of eminent mathematicians, scientists and medical researchers including many Nobel-prize winners. Dutch inventor Hans Lippershey designed the first telescope in 1608, one full year before Galileo got hold of the plans and made it his own.  The microscope, invented in 1673 by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek allowed for the discovery and study of microorganisms. The development of the thermometer can be attributed to several scientists. Still, the modern mercury thermometer which we all recognise can be accredited to the Dutch inventor Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, and his scale of measurement is still used as the standard in many countries today. Not the Netherlands though, their constant strive for improvement led them to abandon the Fahrenheit scale for the far superior Celsius in the 19th century.

Dutch innovation – Mundialz

Perhaps it is the Dutch’s willingness to embrace change that makes it so successful in terms of scientific innovation. Who wouldn’t want to work in a country which fosters invention and discovery? Work with the best in your industry and be part of future history. At Mundialz, we aim to guide you through the relocation process, making everything as smooth as possible.

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