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Technology hotspots in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the twenty most successful economies in the world and is enormously knowledge-rich. As a capitalist free market, the Netherlands stands as one of the world’s 10 major exporters. The country is known as the farm of Europe due to its innovative agrifood technology, and the food industry is indeed one of the country's key sectors. Other areas of excellence in Dutch engineering include the Dutch automotive industry, high tech, energy, chemicals, and healthcare. Through its policy of accommodating highly skilled migrants from across the world, Holland has attracted many inspired scientists and engineers which have shaped this country into one of innovation and invention.

Dutch Engineering – High Tech

The Netherlands has a long tradition of creativity, pragmatism, entrepreneurship, openness and collaboration. These natural qualities make it a perfect fit for the High-Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) sector. Knowledge sharing and alliance across the segment allows for rapid innovation. Speed is imperative in this highly competitive and complex world, and an efficient network of specialised companies and educational institutions is crucial. To this end, there are centres-of-excellence located around the country, such as the Brainport region in Eindhoven.  Eindhoven was voted the World’s Most Innovative Region, in 2015 and ‘the world’s smartest region’ in 2011. Large international companies such as ASML mix with creative entrepreneurs to create a brighter future. Brainport is a model for how companies, research institutions and government can collaborate and foster knowledge. Nowhere else in the world do they generate more ideas per day than in Brainport Eindhoven.  

Dutch Engineering – Dutch Automotive industry

Brainport Eindhoven is also the centre of the Dutch automotive industry, with over 50% of the €20bn national turnover coming out of the region. The Netherlands is a frontrunner in the race for electric and autonomous driving. The infrastructure and connectivity of Eindhoven make it an ideal place for Dutch automotive companies to test out smart mobility applications. The city has a rich history with traditional vehicle manufacturing with classic Dutch automotive companies such as VDL and DAF leading the way in bus and truck production. The atmosphere of open creativity in Dutch engineering is resulting in the construction of state-of-the-art driving systems which will revolutionise the logistics sector for generations to come.

Dutch Engineering – Health Sector

Strong links between industry and academia make the Dutch Health sector competitive on a global scale. Dutch engineering creates products and services that change the lives of patients all over the world. Companies such as Philips in Eindhoven are working in the areas of remote care, medical apparatus, and the diagnostic coupling between pharma and MedTech and are providing the answers to many of today’s healthcare challenges. Philips invest billions every year in developing new and improved applications across all therapeutic fields from minimally invasive diagnostics to portable machinery. The Dutch medical technology sector generates revenue of over €5bn and suppliers cover a broad range of technologies and services to practically all segments of the healthcare sector.

Dutch Engineering – Mundialz

With a magical combination of substantial investment, key industry strengths and visionary ambitions, the Netherlands is an ideal place to further your engineering career. Mundialz is here to match you with your dream job and help with you with the relocation. We'll have your back from application to successful hire, and beyond.

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