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Health Insurance in the Netherlands

Health insurance is mandatory for everyone living or working in the Netherlands. Low-income earners may be eligible for zorgtoeslag to help to pay the premiums. Expats must take out Basic Dutch health insurance within four months of arriving, even if you are already insured for healthcare in their homeland. You are free to choose your insurance company; compare packages and prices on websites such as There’s no need to look for special expat health insurance as all Dutch providers are happy to communicate in English. They are obliged to offer you the same coverage independent of age, gender or pre-existing conditions. It’s worth bearing in mind that you can only change your insurance provider once a year on December 31st. Some employers also offer corporate health insurance schemes for employees, which may be cheaper than taking out a policy individually.

Basic Health Insurance Netherlands

Basic Dutch health insurance is compulsory and provides the same coverage across all insurers. It costs on average €100 per month and will cover all doctor appointments, hospital stays, treatment and surgery. Most services are free at the point of use including ambulances, medical specialists, blood and other diagnostic tests. Any medicines your doctor prescribes will also be free. Sometimes your insurance won’t cover a brand name medicine, in which case your doctor can recommend a generic version. Dutch health insurance also covers all aspects of pregnancy and maternity care, including the uniquely Dutch post-natal care. Mental health and other therapeutic services such as occupational therapy and nutritional advice are also compensated.  For some services, you must pay an annual own risk excess, which is set by the government each year. Currently, it is €385. You can sometimes reduce this by spending more on your monthly premium.

Additional Health Insurance Netherlands

Not all health services are covered by the standard package. You can opt to take out additional insurance to include, for example, physiotherapy or dental care. Additional insurance is not obligatory, and you don’t need to take out basic and supplemental insurance with the same company. On the other hand, they are also not obliged to accept you if they think you are an unacceptable risk. You may have specific health requirements which necessitate you to take out extra insurance such as orthodontist or fertility treatments. This is where private Dutch health insurance providers compete to offer policies best suited to your needs and lifestyle. You might choose a plan that includes spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids or cosmetic surgery, for example. If you travel abroad often, you may want to consider a package that covers international emergency treatment. It's best to shop around and weigh up your needs versus the costs.  

Social Insurance

There is an additional form of social health insurance Netherlands which falls under the Chronic Care Act (wet langdurige zorg). The WLZ affords high-level residential and nursing care for vulnerable elderly people or people with severe mental or physical disabilities. All residents of the Netherlands aged 18 years and older must pay a personal contribution from their salary, which is calculated on income, financial capital, and living situation. This contribution is automatically deducted from your wages. Should you require residential care in the future, your case will be assessed. You may have to pay an element of the costs. Still, anyone who needs round-the-clock care or supervision is entitled to a place in residential care.

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