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Registration in the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands is both extremely simple and complicated at the same time! The Netherlands immigration is littered with bureaucracy and form filling, but everything is well organised and easy to understand. You can do a lot of your administration online and nearly everything is available in English. If you’re from an EU country, it is a very simple process. You are free to live and work in the Netherlands without a visa or work permit. If you are from a country outside of the EU, there are a few requirements you need to meet, but everything is very clear and efficient.


The BSN number is your citizen's service number and will allow you to access public services. Dutch citizens are allocated a number at birth. If you are from the EU, you will be allocated a BSN after you register with your municipality. If you are from a non-EU country, you will be issued a BSN number; providing you are given a residence permit from the department of immigration (IND). The BSN is essential, without one you cannot be paid, open a bank account, pay taxes or get health insurance.

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If you are from the EU, you do not need a visa to start living in the Netherlands. You only need to register with the municipality, once you have an address. If you are from a non-EU country, you need to apply for a visa at the Dutch embassy in your own country. You will need to provide information about your reasons for coming to the Netherlands and prove that you can financially support yourself. In some cases, you will need to sit a Dutch Civic integration exam to test your language skills and knowledge of Dutch culture.

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Work Permit

Netherlands immigration is easy, if you are an EU citizen, you are entitled to work in the Netherlands just like a Dutch national. Non-EU citizens will need a work contract, secured before they arrive. Their employer will apply for the work permit, on their behalf, providing information about salary and qualifications. Highly skilled workers are in great demand and they are encouraged through tax benefits.

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Once you’ve negotiated the Netherlands immigration and you’ve lived here for 5 years, you might want to consider taking Dutch citizenship. This would entitle you to a Dutch passport. Dutch citizenship allows you to vote in Dutch elections and make you automatically a citizen of the EU. In most cases, you will be required to give up your original nationality and pledge allegiance to the Netherlands when you take up Dutch citizenship. You will also need to take a Dutch Civic integration exam to prove your language skills and knowledge of Dutch culture.

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DigiD is an online identification system used in the Netherlands. It enables official websites to know you are who you say you are. Internet safety is paramount and official administration is increasingly taking place online. The tax office, the municipality, the police and healthcare providers all use DigiD to verify your identification. Without one, you will find it difficult to navigate the Dutch system. Luckily, applying for a number is simple and straightforward.

Discover more about DigiD. 


We know the Netherlands immigration procedure inside out. Mundialz is a team of professionals who have been through the process and we’re here to be your guide. Read our information pages on moving to the Netherlands, living and working in the Netherlands. Mundialz is your one-stop shop for information and support so you can begin your new life as soon as possible.

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