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BSN Registration Netherlands

A BSN, in Dutch burgerservicenummer, is the social service number of The Netherlands. This number is one of the first thing you have to register when relocating to The Netherlands. A BSN is the citizen registration number, which is unique for everyone living in The Netherlands.

Why do you need a BSN in the Netherlands?

Your BSN is crucial for interaction with Dutch authorities, it is needed for: starting your new job, opening your bank account, submitting your taxes, using the healthcare system and applying for benefits. Another function of the Dutch BSN is combatting identity fraud. A BSN does not mean you are eligible to work in The Netherlands, find out more about a working permit on this page.

How to register for a BSN in the Netherlands

Registering for a BSN as an EU citizen is a quick process. Registering with the municipality, such as Amsterdam or Eindhoven, you will receive your BSN. You have to provide a valid proof of identity (a passport, not a driving license) and your address to be registered. For non-EU internationals other documents have to be presented too, for example your residence permit and employment contract. For more information about a residence permit in The Netherlands click here. Once your residence permit is approved, you will receive confirmation for your BSN.

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