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The Dutch DigiD

DigiD is short for digital identification. It is a form of online identification so that government services can verify your identity. If you go to the city hall in person you would take your passport or driving license to identify yourself, but on a website it’s difficult to check you are who you say you are. The DigiD Netherlands was created to provide a secure way of checking your identity. More and more public services are accessible via the internet and security is vital. Your DigiD number is connected to your BSN (social security number) and is used to access government websites and services. It is not mandatory, but it will be difficult to communicate with official organisations without it.

DigiD – Why?

Administration is increasingly taking place online in the Netherlands. You can arrange your tax online, apply for benefits or control your pensions, all from the comfort of your own home. This saves time and money, as you don’t need to make an appointment with the city hall. The list of government organisations who use the digital identification number to login runs into the hundreds. In fact, you’d find it hard to access these services any other way. With a DigiD you can make appointments with a doctor, fill in hospital admission forms and arrange your health insurance. It is very important as these organisations hold sensitive information about you and security is paramount.

DigiD – How?

Applying for a DigiD is straightforward. Go to the website and click on apply (aanvragen). The application form is available in Dutch or English. Fill in your personal details including your BSN number. You can choose to receive SMS verifications as an extra layer of safety. This is a good idea as some organisation require this level of security. You will receive an SMS; you need to put in the activation code. You will then be sent an email confirmation. Enter this code into the website and they will send you a letter in the post with your final authorisation code. Once you receive the letter you need to log in within 20 days to enter your verification code.

DigiD – App

Once you have a DigiD you can download the app on your mobile device. This is a good idea because you can use your phone to log in to websites using a PIN number or by scanning the QR code on the website.

DigiD – is it safe?

The DigiD system is one of the safest systems in the world, that’s why it’s a bit complicated! It is designed to keep your sensitive information as private as possible and prevent identity theft. They will not share your information with anybody without your permission. Make sure you keep your username, password and PIN number safe. No one will ever ask you for it in an email or by phone, so beware of phishing emails. If you suspect your number has been compromised go to the website and follow the instructions.

DigiD – Mundialz

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