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Vacancies in the Netherlands

Many expats are looking for jobs in the Netherlands because of the exciting environment and great employment opportunities. The high-tech industry is growing at an alarming rate causing a skill shortage for engineers, especially industrial, mechanical, electrical and computer engineers. Work in modern metropolises with a small-town atmosphere. Come and live in the 4th happiest nation on Earth and embrace a tolerant and healthy lifestyle.


The strong economy and highly educated society have created a prolific industry; which, in turn, has created a critical need for highly skilled workers. The employment rate is above average with multinational companies such as ASML having to extend their recruitment overseas. The country is internationally focused and there are countless jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers. Companies such as Mitsubishi, Blue Fox and Tata Steel provide tremendous opportunities for proactive engineers. There is an atmosphere of creativity and innovation, and companies such as Fokker Aviation and TomTom are leading lights in their industries.

Work in breakthrough technology at companies in the Netherlands.

Work environment

Working in the Netherlands provides a great balance between a stimulating work environment and a relaxed lifestyle. Before accepting a job in the Netherlands, you probably have many questions about the business culture, cost of living and salary expectations. Read our advice pages for more information. You should also check out our pages on working in Amsterdam and Eindhoven to find out what these cities have to offer ambitious engineers.

Read more about working in the Netherlands.


So, you’ve found the perfect job in the Netherlands. What’s next? You’re bound to have many questions about the relocation process. What are the immigration requirements? Do I need a visa or a work permit? Can my family come with me? Will there be affordable accommodation available? Should I buy or rent a property? Could I even get a mortgage in the Netherlands? Check out our comprehensive information pages and learn the dos and don’ts before you move to the Netherlands.

Discover how easy it is to move to the Netherlands.


Dutch culture and lifestyle are some of the reasons many expats decide to look for a job in the Netherlands. The Dutch are known for their tolerance and liberal views; as well as their relaxed nature. Their general lifestyle is active and healthy. They succeed in many sports; especially football, hockey and swimming. Read our info pages on Living in Amsterdam and Eindhoven for more details. We can help with the Dutch bureaucracy too. How to find health insurance and a doctor. How to negotiate the complex tax system and open a bank account. Although there are many jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers, and most Dutch people speak excellent English; it’s always good to learn the language and we can show you great ways to learn Dutch.

Find out about living in the Netherlands.


Mundialz is your one-stop shop for all the information you need before taking a job in the Netherlands. We have connections to all the top companies in the Netherlands and we’re sure you will find your dream job in the perfect city. We’re here to offer you advice and support during the entire relocation process.

Browse exciting jobs in the Netherlands today!

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