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Companies in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its great work-life balance, healthy lifestyle and tolerant attitudes. In fact, it has been voted the 4th happiest nation on the planet. The strong economy has led to substantial growth in commerce and manufacturing. The high-tech sector is particularly booming; and there is a skill shortage of critical proportions. The list of companies in the Netherlands, who are searching for talented individuals to join their teams, is long. Many Dutch companies are prepared to offer top salaries and benefits to attract the right candidates.


ASML is the biggest supplier of photolithographic systems for the semiconductor industry. One of the most internationally minded Dutch Companies, they employ people from 123 different nationalities. The company headquarters, research and manufacturing facilities are based just outside the city of Eindhoven, in Southern Netherlands. ASML is currently undergoing a massive recruitment drive and is searching for proactive, creative people to join their team. Get your career off to a great start at one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

Read more about vacancies at ASML.


Bluewater is a Dutch company that designs, develops and delivers floating offshore platforms for the oil industry. They also work on new offshore energy solutions such as tidal energy. Their headquarters are in Amsterdam and they operate out of 6 countries worldwide. Working for Bluewater could open up opportunities to travel to all corners of the globe and work in challenging environments.

Discover jobs with Bluewater


Fokker Technologies is a Dutch company who has over 100 years’ experience in the aviation industry. They have built up a universal reputation as the most innovative aerospace provider in the world. If you want to work at the cutting edge of aerospace technology; then check out the amazing opportunities at this major player in the industry.

Browse vacancies at Fokker.

Companies in the Netherlands – Mitsubishi

When you think of the Japanese company Mitsubishi, you automatically think cars. In fact, they produce a wide variety of products and systems. From consumer electronics to industrial applications and satellite communications; to command and control room video walls. Mitsubishi Electric applies its imagination to cutting-edge products and technology.

Search exciting vacancies at Mitsubishi

Tata Steel

Tata Steel is one of the largest companies in the world. Originating in India, its European facilities are in the UK and Amsterdam. Operating out of Ijmuiden, outside Amsterdam, they have a state-of-the-art blast furnace producing hot and cold rolled coil, galvanised and colour coated coil and tinplate. Tata can offer great career progression to all disciplines of engineers, particularly industrial and mechanical.

Search Tata Steel jobs here.


The name TomTom is synonymous with car navigation systems. This Dutch company is a key creator and developer of GPS technology and consumer electronics. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, TomTom has employees worldwide and operations in 29 countries. If you’re an inventive electrical or computer engineer, then you might find TomTom is the perfect place to jumpstart your career.

Browse jobs at TomTom now.


Once you’ve found your ideal position, Mundialz is here to help you through the relocation process. Check out our living in Amsterdam and working in Eindhoven pages for more guidance about moving to the Netherlands. We’re your one-stop shop for information and support when you decide to live in the Netherlands.

Browse vacancies in the Netherlands here.

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