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DAF Eindhoven

About DAF

DAF is a market leader in the development and production of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles. Historically a Dutch company headquartered in Eindhoven, DAF is now a subsidiary of the American company PACCAR Inc. The largest truck manufacturer in the world. DAF has facilities in Eindhoven, Westerlo Belgium, Leyland UK and Ponta Grossa in Brazil. Of their 10,500 employees, 6830 are based in their largest factories in Eindhoven. 2018 was a record year for the company, whose net worth stands at $1.7 billion. They produced 67,000 trucks in 2018 which represents a massive 16.6% of the market share, a 10.1% increase from 2017. They also sold 19.8% of all the tractors in Europe in 2018. DAF Eindhoven is a state-of-the-art facility using cutting edge laser and robotics technology to produce the commercial transport solutions of the future.

History and Mission

DAF was founded in 1928, a small automobile workshop in the grounds of a brewery. From these humble beginnings, they grew from fixing vehicles to designing and manufacturing their own. After World War II there was a huge shortage of trucks and DAF Eindhoven started making lorries, trailers and buses. Their first lorry model was the DAF A30. Over the 90 years, many ground-breaking innovations have happened at DAF Eindhoven. They were the first to introduce belt-driven cars and they introduced the world’s first car to use continuously variable transmission. The list of patents belonging to the company is impressive and the culture of innovation continues unto this day. DAF strives to produce ultra-clean diesel engines which provide supreme fuel efficiency. Their philosophy is committed to the balance of people, planet and profit.

Career Sectors


Over 900 engineers work at DAF, working together to optimise, develop and test the trucks, engines and components of the future. With 200 trucks being produced every day, this is a mammoth task requiring all the members of the team to work together to improve efficiency and performance. Diverse engineering specialities include automotive, mechanical, electronics, safety and aerodynamics. All contributing to the production of highly complex products.


Information Technology

In our digital world, the role of IT has never been so important. From product development right through to after-sales customer service, IT plays a vital part at DAF. 500 IT professionals are working at DAF, designing innovative software and hardware which contribute to important business processes.

Career Sectors

Logistics and Supply Chain

DAF and PACCAR produce 400,000 shipments of parts each year. The logistics of their distribution is a multifaceted process requiring dozens of logistical professionals. DAF works on a ‘build to order principle’ so the delivery of the components to the production line at the right time, in the correct order, is crucial for the smooth operation of the production.



DAF is constantly working on improving its production operations. The manufacture of 200 trucks per day uses world-class operation systems. Methods such as Six Sigma and Kaizen increase quality and efficiency even further. DAF is constantly investing in its production facilities to maintain its leading position in the truck industry.

Employee experience

Working at DAF allows you to work in a rewarding and challenging environment. DAF has an open-door policy where its employees are encouraged to participate. There is a flat hierarchal organisation meaning that all employees can communicate directly with each other. This creates a collaborative atmosphere where innovation can thrive. Previous employees have praised the way they were encouraged to grow professionally. There are opportunities to move within the company, either internationally or by changing the direction of your career. Training and personal development are supported at DAF and employees speak highly of the friendly open atmosphere. A DAF job could really ‘drive’ your career forward.

DAF – Mundialz

A DAF career can open doors in your engineering life. Work in high tech, cutting edge facilities, producing the truck of today and tomorrow. DAF Eindhoven is a global technology company, where you will work alongside inspiring people who share your practical approach and drive for innovation. Choosing to work in Eindhoven can present many challenges and Mundialz is here to support you through the relocation process. From interview to a successful hire. We’ll help you get settled living in Eindhoven and get you connected to our local Mundialz community.

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