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Philips Netherlands

About Philips

Philips is a Dutch, multinational conglomerate, developing and producing electronic equipment. Their headquarters are in Amsterdam, and they operate out of 100 countries worldwide. Their business is split into two main sectors; personal health and wellbeing, and professional healthcare. Originally, the company focussed on lighting products, as of 2012 they were the largest manufacturer of lighting in the world. They are at the forefront of innovation in electronics. Currently, they own over 62,000 patents and the research never stops. Philips produces a wide range of household consumer products from audio-visual equipment to personal care items. The healthcare sector is transforming digital health technology. Making constant improvements in digital imagery equipment such as MRI scanners and ECG monitors.

History and mission

Philips was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands by Gerard Philips. Their first products were lightbulbs, but they soon branched out into other products. In 1939 they introduced the Philishave, the first electric shaver using rotating heads. They invested heavily in research and as such have developed and contributed to many of the major inventions of the 20th century. They developed the first compact cassettes, the first video cassette recorders and helped invent the CD, DVD and Blue-ray. This spirit of innovation has now been turned to professional medical applications, where Philips healthcare is revolutionising healthcare technology. Their designs are improving patients’ outcomes on a global scale. Philips is committed to improving sustainability in all areas of its business. The company and its CEO, Frans van Houten, are leaders in advancing the circular economy, where waste and energy are minimised by reusing and recycling resources.

Career Sectors

Consumer Lifestyle

This sector encompasses consumer electronics, domestic appliances, and personal care. From TVs and home entertainment systems to air fryers and handheld vacuum cleaners. They are constantly creating and manufacturing new products. Products you can see in your own home. There are countless Philips jobs involved at various points in a product’s life cycle. From R&D to engineering, to software development, to supply chain and logistics.


Healthcare is the fastest-growing sector of the company. They invest billions of dollars every year on the research and development of new innovative digital medical devices. Pioneers in medical imagery and monitoring, their minimally invasive diagnostic technology is improving outcomes for patients the world over. Inventions such as the Lumify Echo App, a portable ultrasound connected to an app on your mobile device, are transforming the face of diagnostics and making a real difference to people’s lives.


They develop and produce lighting solutions for domestic, commercial and public use. From the personal lighting system, Hue, which can alter the mood of your home to smart city lighting which can alter the mood of a busy town centre. The company has always been a leading light in the lighting industry and the legacy continues.

Employee experience

Philips is always looking to recruit bright, talented people who want to contribute to meaningful innovations that improve lives. Working at Philips gives you the chance to be part of a global team, where the flat organisation encourages the generation of ideas. A multi-disciplinary team collaborates to produce commercially viable solutions to life’s problems. Previous employees have described the company as “a playground for geeks”. A tongue in cheek way of saying how fun it is working to build a product, but also to build a healthier society. They believe in diversity and inclusivity. They want you to embrace change and allow for personal development, even if this means changing career direction more than once. You will be working with a real international player and the opportunities for growth are limitless.


If you want to work in a globally successful company where the opportunities for professional growth are considerable, then Philips could be a perfect fit. They can give you the chance to work with inspiring people in the exciting environment of the Netherlands. Mundialz is here to support you through the whole recruitment process, from application to a successful hire. Once you have secured your job, we get you connected with the local community and get you settled.

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