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Working in the Netherlands

Looking to work in the Netherlands? Already working in the Netherlands but need information about something? This page offers all the information you need to know. Every subject has its own page dedicated to the topic, be sure to click the links that are provided if you want to find out more about working in the Netherlands.


Mundialz is operating in different cities throughout the Netherlands. Every city has its own unique points of interest. For example, Eindhoven hosts the largest design event in Northern Europe every year. Amsterdam has its own Light Festival with more than 900.000 visitors every year! Spending your team exploring cities is part of working in the Netherlands. Be sure to check out the pages about the different cities to find places and events to visit!

Cost of living

When considering working in the Netherlands, it is important to inform yourself about the cost of living in the Netherlands. This page shows the costs of several subjects, like housing, groceries and cinema tickets. This page will help you with planning your budget when working in the Netherlands.

Legal registration

When you are relocating to the Netherlands, you will need to register for a BSN and sometimes even for a Visa or working permit. Everyone in the Netherlands has a BSN, in Dutch Burgerservicenummer, this number has all your personal information linked to it, like healthcare, insurances and working contract. The BSN is one of the first things you need to take care of when working in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands is home to many international global businesses. The Netherlands is an attractive country for international businesses because of the tax system. Many European headquarters of big companies are situated in the Netherlands. These companies often use English as the main language, making it easy for international to feel at home while working in the Netherlands.

Business culture

Adapting to the Dutch business culture is important while working in the Netherlands. You will see that many Dutch companies have a flexible hierarchy, with some informal aspects. Be sure to read about the working culture of the Netherlands before you start working in the Netherlands.

Do you have any questions about working in the Netherlands after reading this page? Feel free to contact a Mundial with your questions, so they can make you feel at home!

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