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Salaries in the Netherlands

About salaries

If you’re thinking about working in the Netherlands, one of the first things you’ll want to know is how much you can earn. It can be challenging to calculate as it depends on so many different factors.

Factors to consider

Salaries depend on facators like your age, relevant experience, the number of hours you work, the sector and the size of the company are all reflected in the size of your wage packet. You’ll also need to consider your cost of living in the Netherlands, and the amount of income tax you’ll have to pay when you’re working out whether it's worth making a move to the Netherlands. Certain professionals are in high demand and engineers and IT specialists can command salaries much higher than the average. You can use a salary calculator Netherlands such as to give you a reasonable estimate at what you should expect as a fair wage in the Netherlands.

Salary Calculator Netherlands

Salaries are usually quoted monthly not annually in the Netherlands. Also, you will often be quoted the gross (brutto) monthly figure, that is the amount you earn before tax, and social security contributions have been deducted. The number you're really interested in is the net (netto) income, the wages you receive in your bank at the end of the month. You can use a net salary calculator like the one on to show an estimate of net income after tax. Your wages may also be supplemented by additional benefits such as accumulated holiday pay, sometimes called the 13th month, paid once a year in May. Company cars, transport costs and any performance-related bonuses can also bump up your salary quite a bit. International companies may have additional benefits such as a pension, health insurance or educational contributions, so make sure you weigh up all the benefits against your cost of living.

Average Income in the Netherlands

According to the Centraal Plan Bureau (CPB), the average income in the Netherlands between 25-45 years is €36,500 per year or €2816 per month. Of course, salaries vary widely between sectors. Factors such as age, qualifications, years of professional experience and specialist knowledge can significantly affect the size of compensation. Soft skills, such as creativity can also make a difference. Wages can vary with the size of the company, its international orientation and the area in which you plan to work. Companies in Amsterdam, for example, tend to pay slightly higher to compensate for the higher living costs. Professionals recruited from abroad can generally expect a salary that is higher than average. According to the salary calculator Netherlands on a 28-year-old engineer, with 5 years’ experience, working in a large international company at a lower level could expect a monthly wage between €2800 and €3500.

Minimum Salary in the Netherlands

The minimum wage in the Netherlands is the third highest in Europe. The amount depends on your age and the number of hours worked. Someone aged over 21 years who works between 36 and 40 hours per week can expect no less than €1653.60 per month or €10.60 per hour. Qualified professionals can earn far higher than the minimum, of course. The starting salary for a newly qualified IT specialist is around €2700 and can rise to €6500 at the height of their career.

Salaries in the Netherlands – Mundialz

Mundialz has the answers to all your questions when it comes to deciding whether to move to the Netherlands. Not only will we help you to find the perfect job, but we’ll continue to support you once you’re here. Let us guide you through the maze and get you working in the Netherlands as soon as possible.

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