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What engineering specialisms have the highest demand?


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Engineering is one of the highest demand professions. In many countries, the growth in the industry has surpassed the supply of qualified workers. Rapid growth in manufacturing in Germany, for example, has created a high demand for industrial engineers skilled in project management. The increasing complexity of data systems is causing a greater need for creative computer and electrical engineers. Companies such as Swiss life and TomTom need talented individuals to join their teams. Aerospace engineering is one of the highest paid specialisms. They are not restricted to aircraft developers such as Fokker or defence contractors such as Rheinmetall. Their knowledge and experience can be applied in other industries to great effect. Mechanical engineers are needed in all industries and their job opportunities are manifold. One of the fastest growing specialisms is environmental engineering. As the strife for greener, more efficient energy increases, the pressure to find inspiring solutions increases.

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