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Referral program

Mundialz referral program

We have an interesting offer for you!

While we are working hard to expand our career opportunities to new clients and new countries, our current clients are expanding and value the exceptional motivation of Mundialz candidates. Here you can help us through our Mundialz referral program:

For every engineer that you refer to us and that will be hired successfully through Mundialz into a new career, you will receive 500 euro’s as a referral reward from Mundialz.

Rules for participation:

  • The referral applies him/herself at (either on a specific career or below application form) and adds your name & email in the motivation text box: refered by: <firstname> <lastname> <email adress>
  • As a referrer you must have applied to a job offer on Mundialz yourself, before your are eligible to refer someone else
  • Mundialz referral program is based on a fair use policy. Mundialz remains the right to, without justification, exclude users that make unintended use of the program.

Feel free to share this link to your friend:


Thank you for your application through our referral program. We will review and feedback your applications within 5 working days.


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Thank you for applying!

We will review your application and will reply within 5 days.

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