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Applied Mathematics

About Applied Mathematics

Mathematics is arguably the oldest and most fundamental of the sciences. It is both beautifully simple and incredibly complex. If mathematics is the abstract theory of numbers then applied mathematics is putting those theories to actual use. The applied mathematician sits at the interface between pure thought and practice. They use mathematical methods and tools to solve real-world problems.


It is usually coupled with another speciality such as science, engineering, business or computers. If you look at software design, for example, a computer engineer with a background in applied mathematics is a powerful combination. Applied physics and mathematics heavily influence mechanical engineering, where they apply Newtonian physics principles to real life machinery. Large scale networks such as electricity distribution, traffic control and the internet. All can be tested and optimised through the use of computational modelling and algorithms. One area of application is nanoscience. The application of continuum mathematical models on nanoscale problems allows nanoscientists to make predictions and test out theories before physical experimentation. For example the study of nanofluid flow in solar panels. Understanding fluid mechanics allows us to predict how particles as small as 10nm behave under different conditions. The real-life implications of this research are groundbreaking, its use in medical science, for example, is revolutionary.

Career Prospects

Mathematicians are more than number crunchers. Logical thinkers, they are problem orientated and use their talent to help improve society. They work in research. They discover new techniques to help companies perform better in today’s data-driven world. Companies in aerospace technology, communications, MedTech, petroleum and finance. Governments themselves depend on applied mathematics to predict economic fluctuations. Insurance companies utilise the mathematics of probability to predict risk. The gaming industry uses high-performance computing to improve its digital imagery. The opportunities are almost endless.


Computational mathematics is massively important in the numerical analysis of statistics. How far could medical research go without using algorithms to discover patterns and probability in large data sets? Companies such as Swiss Life in Zurich could certainly use your analytical prowess. Living in Ireland is an option with numerous MedTech companies such as Boston Scientific, Cook Medical and Creganna all needing your skills to help optimise their systems. Work at the cutting edge of nanoscience and technology at Philips or ASML in Eindhoven or TomTom in Amsterdam. The opportunities are endless.


Let your talent open doors for you. Build your professional network and connect with leading lights in your field. Be part of active research right at the cutting edge. Find the perfect job for your interests and take the next step in your career. Mundialz can provide all the information and personal support you need to help you with your relocation. We get you set up and connected with the community so you can get the most out of the experience.

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