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Automotive Engineering

About Automotive Engineering

Planes, trains and automobiles. If it moves on wheels, it fascinates the automobile engineer. Automobile engineering focuses on the design, manufacture and testing of all vehicles from motorcycles to heavy goods vehicles. The industry is very research intensive with all the auto companies racing to make cars faster, cheaper and more efficient. An automotive engineer is a logical thinker who enjoys solving complicated puzzles. They like to solve problems and enjoy seeing tangible results. A vehicle engineer can no longer be described as a grease monkey, as automotive technology moves into the robotic era. Automobile engineering has to satisfy our increasing demands for convenience and comfort. People expect higher technical performance, greater fuel economy and higher quality sound systems.


Vehicle engineering comprises of a vast array of disciplines. Mechanics, electrics, electronics, software development and safety engineering. The number of electronic systems inside a car is increasing every day, therefore, the function of a car engineer can be as much software programming as hands-on manufacturing. An automobile engineer might work in research and development, manufacturing or testing vehicles both domestic and industrial. A career in auto engineering could change the face of travel for years to come.

Career Prospects

The face of automobile engineering is ever changing. With hybrids, electric powered vehicles, zero-emission cars and tighter safety regulations posing challenges to the industry. The need for automobile engineers is as high as it ever was. Automotive engineers are increasingly required to use CAD and CAM systems for their designs. A good automotive engineer will understand the trade-off between performance and economy. They also understand the importance of aesthetics and aerodynamics. As well as traditional hands-on vehicle engineering there is an increasing amount of data analysis and testing involved in the job.


Don’t sit still, climb the career ladder. Learn from the best in the worldwide automotive industry. Mitsubishi is an international, technically innovative company in Almere, Netherlands. A car engineer considering working in the Netherlands could also find opportunities at Fokker and GKN, the world’s most advanced aerospace specialist. You could be developing and delivering contemporary driveline systems and solutions to a global market as well as working on ePowertrain technology. If you’d consider living in Germany, a good career move might be MAN, the truck and bus manufacturer. MAN Munich has a high capacity production plant which is always looking for motivated vehicle engineers. There are also exciting prospects at ZF near Dusseldorf where they are currently looking into next-generation electric passenger and agricultural vehicles.


To be successful in this industry you need to be constantly learning and updating your skill set. You need to accumulate diverse experience and knowledge. An enthusiastic and talented automobile engineer could use his skills to travel the world and work on exciting projects. At Mundialz we work with you to ensure the relocation process is as smooth as possible. Moving abroad can be challenging and that’s why we give you lots of personal support to get you settled into your new home as well as your new job.

Search the latest automobile engineering jobs and let Mundialz keep your career in motion.

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