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Biomedical Engineering

About Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a relatively new discipline combining biology, medicine and technology. Modern technology is inextricable from healthcare these days so the need for bioengineering is on the increase like never before. Biomedical science involves the understanding of how the human body functions, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and computer programming. Like any engineer, the biomedical engineer enjoys solving problems and these solutions ultimately end up saving lives. Bioengineers work as part of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, biologists and patients. They work in image processing to diagnose diseases. They design, develop and refine all manner of medical devices and instruments which make a real difference to the quality of life of patients.


Specialisms are in biomedical science are numerous. Bioinstrumentation deals with sophisticated imaging devices such as MRI and CT scanner which are invaluable in the diagnosis process. Biomechanics work to repair blood flow or motor functions. A biomedical engineer working in orthopedics could restore motion by producing joint replacements or prosthetic limbs. Biomedical engineering is used to produce biomaterials such as medical devices used during minimally invasive surgery and treatment. They can improve implanted devices such as artificial valves and pacemakers by increasing their life cycle and reliability. Biochemical engineering can improve the chemical stability of biomaterials, they are currently experimenting with using living cell tissue to reduce rejection rates. Neural engineering is pushing back the boundaries of biomedical science with innovations in brain-controlled medical devices. In the future prosthetics may be able to sense touch and temperature, transforming the lives of amputees and people living with paralysis.

Career Prospects

As people are living longer and longer the pressure on our bodies only increases. As a result, the biomedical engineering profession is the most up and coming sector of engineering. It is predicted to have a 30% increase in the next 10 years meaning a career in bioengineering could be potentially very lucrative. All kinds of healthcare related professions require biomedical engineers including industry, hospitals and research institutes. You could choose to work on the frontier of R&D creating innovative new technology. Work in production, manufacturing and testing cutting edge devices, improving quality standards. A biomedical engineer can specialise in software applications, designing computer programs that collect data from biosignal processors. Computer modelling is often used for simulations which save traumatic and costly medical procedures. 


If you want to work at the heart of the medical device industry in Europe you should consider working in IrelandBoston Scientific and Cook Medical in Limerick are the largest producers of minimally invasive medical devices in the world. Creganna is an outsourced producer of medical devices with state of the art facilities serving MedTech companies all over the world. Integerproduces innovative power solutions for embedded medical devices such as pacemakers which change the lives of cardiac patients. If you’d prefer to live in the Netherlands, Philips healthcare in Eindhoven is producing cutting edge imaging systems. Bio engineering is also used in statistical analysis used by insurance companies such as Swiss Life in Zurich.


Biomedical science is the hottest field of engineering and can command the highest salaries. Expand your experience and professional network by working abroad with the leading lights in the industry. Mundialz will help you find the perfect job for your skill set and take the stress out of moving abroad. We will get you connected to the local community so you can get settled as soon as possible and concentrate on your career.

Browse exciting biomedical engineering opportunities today.

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