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Computer Engineering

About Computer Engineering

No one imagined computer science would be such an integral part of our everyday lives. Without computers, we wouldn’t have mobile phones, games consoles or cars that can drive themselves. Computer science touches every part of our lives and as such, the demand for computer engineering is exploding the world over. Computers serve people and computer engineers are the mind behind the machine. Computer engineers have to be imaginative and creative people. They need to apply critical thinking and work collaboratively with other disciplines to drive innovation in both science and industry.


Computer engineering combines computer science and electrical engineering to design and produce computer hardware and software. They develop microprocessors and operating systems, write software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers. They design circuit systems as small as your games console to the supercomputers that control nuclear weapons. Computer engineers could specialise in computer architecture and design. Developing new, more powerful systems or microprocessors. They could focus on entire network systems or design software applications for research purposes.

Career Prospects

The future of computer science is very bright with developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning and robotics. Our increasing dependence on microchips, in virtually all areas in our lives, ensures specialists in integrated circuits are in high demand. The importance of data management cannot be overstated. Big data is revolutionising research into medical science, the environment and even government itself. There are currently more jobs available than there are people to fill them. For this reason, computer engineers are highly paid and report high levels of job satisfaction.


Mundialz collaborates with some of the largest high tech companies in the world. Computer scientists looking to make their next career step could choose to use their expertise in robotics at Vanderlande or global giants, Tata Steel. If you want to try living in the Netherlands, you could help develop microprocessors at Philips and ASML or work on state of the art navigation systems at TomTom and aerospace company FokkerWorking in Ireland, you could apply your knowledge of data science to the field of research at the leading MedTech companies, Boston Scientific and Cook Medical. You could help optimize the most sophisticated waste treatment systems at Huber in Switzerland.


Choosing to relocate to another country is exciting but it can also be stressful and that is where Mundialz can make all the difference. We will give you all the information and personal support you need to get you settled into your new environment. We can get you connected within the local community so you can quickly start to enjoy your new job and your new home. Let Mundialz maximise your talent potential with computer engineering jobs in dynamic global cities.

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