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Electrical Engineering

About Electrical Engineering

Put simply electrical engineering is the study and application of electricity but nothing about it is simple! They are problem solvers at heart, with supremely logical and analytical brains. Modern civilisation owes so much to the electrical engineer. The aeroplane that takes you on holiday, the GPS that shows you the way, the MRI scanner which saves your life and the smartphone you just can’t put down, all are masterpiece electrical engineering projects.


An electrical engineer can use their advanced understanding of electronic theory and apply it to a variety of disciplines. Electrical engineers could focus on biomedical applications, developing the digital design for equipment needed for efficient healthcare. You could specialize in communications, working in a company on signal processing or network analysis. Electrical engineers with a focus on data and informatics could find themselves working with advanced level computers designing firmware and software. Electrical and computer engineers are needed in virtually any industry that uses big data, including MedTech, logistics and government. Sometimes these specialities can overlap. An electrical engineer with a biomedical focus, for example, could find themselves also working within nanotechnology.

Career Prospects

The whirlwind pace of technological advancement is driving the demand for electrical and electronic engineers. They are increasingly needed to harness and apply the emerging new technologies. Research and development is a priority for many service and manufacturing industries.  Telecommunications, firmware, robotics and the aerospace industry, all are crying out for specialists in electrical and computer engineering. The semiconductor industry is an ever growing sector where the design, development and testing of microprocessors are quickly entering the nanotechnological era. Companies are increasingly searching for experienced embedded engineers with knowledge of firmware and the ability to create and interpret CAD schematics.


At Mundialz, we have connections to some of the largest companies in the world. Companies at the forefront of aerospace technology such as Fokker. Whether you want to specialise in automation at Vanderlande or water network systems at Huber, we can match your skills to the perfect job. Designing firmware for pioneering navigation systems at TomTom or working on the most complex microprocessors at ASML. We work with the largest players in the tech industry across the globe, companies such as Trumpf in Germany and Philips in the Netherlands. If you fancy living in Galwayor Limerick you could work at the largest MedTech companies in the world, Boston Scientific and Cook Medical. An ambitious and talented electrical engineer could expand their horizons and their salary.


Be part of the most talented teams and learn from the most innovative leaders. Mundialz will help you to maximize your experience of relocation. We will provide all the information and personal support you need to get you settled into your new location.

Browse vacancies for electrical engineering here!

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