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Industrial Engineering

About Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering takes a holistic approach to coordinating man, materials and machines. Working in all areas of business and industry to enhance performance by evaluating and improving processes. They manage resources, people, time, money, information and equipment to optimise operations. Industrial engineers are pragmatic people. Analytical and logical but also people orientated. They need to be good at communication with excellent leadership skills. Using mathematical theory such as probability and algebra they can analyse statistics and using discrete event simulation they can model processes and eliminate waste in production. Industrial engineering and management is where humans meet technology.


Industrial engineering and management can be divided into many specialist areas. Production engineering concerns the manufacturing operations of a product. Production engineers might plan factory layouts, designing assembly lines for maximum efficiency using process mapping and flow process charting. They might work in the supply chain or logistics organizing complex distribution schemes. Financial engineers are employed by insurance companies and banks to develop algorithms to identify and quantify risk. They use risk assessment equations to determine investment strategy. Industrial engineers may work in facilities and energy management to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Career Prospects

Industrial engineering and management is so versatile a discipline that there is a huge demand from almost every sector. Manufacturing companies, technology companies, retail and healthcare. All can benefit from streamlined operations and increased productivity. Imagine how analysing processes could reduce waiting times in a hospital for example or how designing the layout of a heating system could reduce costs. Jobs are abundant and are expected to grow at a faster than average pace of 10% in the next 10 years. The increasing importance of big data analysis for everything from insurance to our shopping habits is driving demand for industrial engineering technology to optimise potential.


Insurance companies such as Swiss Life in Zurich have industrial engineering consultants to analysis their risk assessment and help design new policy decisions. MedTech companies such as Boston ScientificCook Medical and Philips can use industrial engineers to streamline their manufacturing processes. Manufacturing companies, such as Trumpf and ZF in Germany, can use production engineering to optimise their productivity. Energy management is vital to heating companies such as Vaillant and water treatment giants Huber SE. Companies specializing in automation systems such as ASML and Vanderlande are always in need of talented industrial engineers.


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