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Mechanical Engineering

About Mechanical Engineering

Since the invention of the wheel, mechanical engineers have been making our lives better. High-level thinkers with practical skills, they see problems and fix them. From cars to production machinery. From giant roller coasters to minuscule optical instruments. They make things faster, cheaper and more efficient. They design, conceptualize and create machines that improve and optimize society. Mechanical engineering may be one of the oldest engineering disciplines, but it is still growing rapidly and adopting new technologies every day.


There are endless specialisms within mechanical engineering such as thermal and fluid mechanics, nanotechnology, biomechanical and mechatronics engineering. Computer-aided virtual engineering is enabling mechanical engineers to test designs without building expensive prototypes. System dynamics has found application in the mechanical engineering automotive sector where mechanics can model their projects digitally. Mechanical engineers definitely earn their place among the pioneers in groundbreaking new technology.

Career Prospects

Life is becoming increasingly automated and as such, the demand for mechanical engineering is increasing faster than ever before. Mechanical engineering will play a vital role in finding the balance between productivity and protecting our resources. The design and construction of green innovations such as solar panels, natural water processing, recycling systems and wind turbines are made possible by mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers are needed in every corner of the world. Work for the largest players in the tech industry and take your place at the cutting edge of innovation. Find the dream job that reflects your interests and help build the machines of tomorrow. Build your professional network and see the world at the same time.


If you want to work at the forefront of the mechanic industry you might consider working in Germany. The leading manufacturers in the automotive industry, TrumpfMAN and ZF are located in Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. Mechanical engineers are needed in almost every industry especially in logistic process automation at Vanderlande or in production at Tata Steel. You could collaborate on the most sophisticated mechanical engineering projects at Fokker, an aeronautical company in Amsterdam. Apply your knowledge of system dynamics to the systems and control at Huberwastewater management in Zurich. At ASML in Eindhoven, you could design and create your own highly complex ideas into a real operating system for clients all over the world. The international opportunities for mechanical engineers are endless.


An ambitious and talented mechanical engineer could use their skills to travel the world. Relocating to another country can be a daunting prospect but that’s where Mundialz steps in with all the information and support you need. We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible. We can help you get connected with the local community and get settled into your new job and a new home.

Check out the latest vacancies in mechanical engineering and start today!

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