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Mundialz stories

Interested to read insights and stories on international work and life? Here you can learn from other Mundialz' experiences. What their motivation in relocaction was about? How they landed into their new life and work? Next to interviews we share expat relevant insights, written by our Mundialz bloggers.

Did the international recruitment change because of Covid-19?

No matter what your views on Coronavirus, there is no doubt that it has turned the world on its head. Obviously, our primary concern was our health, but we can now see that this virus is going to touch every aspect of our lives. The full economic effect remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, the world will keep turning. What does this mean for your career? 

Recruitment during Covid-19>

It is awesome when you go out of your comfort zone

Recently I catched-up with Aneesh Chauhan, one of my dearest international recruits. Remembering our good conversations about life and work over a coffee, this meeting turned out to be as valuable as the many talks we shared before. 

Mundialz interview with Aneesh>

What to do in the weekend as an expat living in Stuttgart?

A detailed guide on what to do in Stuttgart when being an expat, or just any person who likes to do fun stuff! 

What to do in Stuttgart>

Why hire international talents?

A open talk about why to hire talents global, based on the personal experinces of Mark van Felius, Development manager with Mapscape in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Mundialz interview with Mapscape>

How to learn a new language - an expat guide

Most of the companies will use English as their corporate language. But, if you want to integrate into society and ultimately succeed in your career, learning a new language will give you the edge you need.

How to learn a new language >

"Parachuting from the sky to a new environment"

Last week, at the dining table of his new bought house, I had a nice catchup talk with Vanja Cukalevski, about his decision to move to The Netherlands four years ago. While enjoying a nice Belgium beer and some great tradition Serbian food, we looked back on these four years of living and working in The Netherlands.

Vanja's story >

What to do after landing a job in the Netherlands?

So, you've landed in the Netherlands. You've found a job, a house, registered for taxes. You've navigated the waters of Dutch healthcare and banking. What do you need now? What are the essential things to sustain human life in Holland? What should expats in the Netherlands know? Here are Mundialz’ top 5 things to get straight away in the Netherlands

Landing in the Netherlands >

“Don't just dream, do something about it”

Little over two years ago, I met Taciano Dreckmann Perez, a senior software developer from Brazil, during his emigration to The Netherlands. Together with his wife, daughter, mother in law and four cats he moved to Eindhoven to start his new career with Dutch technology company ASML, a global market and technology leader in semiconductor lithographic equipment. Together with Taciano, two years later in Eindhoven, we look back on the impact of this life-changing decision.

Taciano's story >

Mundialz launches new career platform

This week there is an exciting new career platform in the air, called Mundialz. "We do things a bit differently to the job sites you already know,” says Manuel Teunissen. This is going to require a little more explanation…

Mundialz launch >

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