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Alessio Pipitone,
Electrical engineer Stuttgart - Germany

Mundialz has asked Alessio, now working at TRUMPF Germany, about his experience of relocating to Germany. Alessio is moving from Italy to Germany to pursue his dream career!

Where did you first see Mundialz?

I was looking at my university portal for jobs and I saw one from Mundialz, which really stood out because of the detailed job offer.

What was your first impression of the Mundialz concept/website?

I really liked how thoroughly everything is described, accompanied with clear images of the different jobs. This gives a good image to the website.

What made you decide to apply through Mundialz?

Basically the points I just mentioned, I liked the way the website looked and explained all the jobs in detail. I did not have to hesitate any longer.

What made you decide to move to a new country?

The opportunities in Europe are very good, but not so good in Italy. I really wanted to move my career to the next level, so decided to try a job abroad.

What is the expat community in Germany like?

I haven’t really met new expats yet, but I know from friends that the community is very welcoming. People in Germany are warm and kind, so I don’t think it will be very difficult to build a new network over there.

Do you have any advice for people in the same situation as you?

Definitely! Keep looking for jobs on your job portal. Keep talking to friends and people inside your network to find opportunities. Places like Facebook or general internet websites are always helping in this case.

And our final question, would you recommend Mundialz to other expats/engineers?

Yes for sure. I am very happy with the way the entire process worked out. I felt at home instantly because the very first call I got was so welcoming. From that moment I just knew everything was going to be fine.

Are you interested in globalizing your career? Building a social and professional network in another country? Hesitate no more, check out our vacancies here!


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