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It could of course be scary to move to an entire new environment, but in my opinion it’s worth it in the end

System Install Engineer Trumpf Stuttgart - Germany

In this interview Mundialz has asked Francesco, now an engineer at TRUMPF Germany, about his experience of Germany. After working his entire life in Italy, Francesco made the choice to develop himself and his career abroad!

Where did you first see Mundialz?

 I was looking for jobs on the internet, and found the website of Mundialz quite fast at the top. It offered all kinds of technical job offers so it took my attention really quick.

What was your first impression of the Mundialz concept/website?

Well as I said, all the different kind of job offers really took my attention. The website looks really neat and clear so it took me almost no effort to find a job offer that suited my wishes.

What made you decide to apply through Mundialz?

The quality of the job offer was the most deciding reason in the end. Because of the job description and matching photo of the job the offer looked really convincing.

What made you decide to move to a new country?

I was looking for new opportunities anywhere in Europe, because I could not really find the jobs that I wanted in Italy. Eventually Germany came up as a country to work in because of Mundialz.

What is the expat community in Germany like?

People are really welcoming and social. I met new people really quick and I am already feeling at home! It’s really nice that lots of people speak very good English, which makes communicating much easier than I expected beforehand.

Do you have any advice for people in the same situation as you?

Do not hesitate to apply to job offers abroad if you see an interesting job. It could of course be scary to move to an entire new environment, but in my opinion it’s worth it in the end. I would recommend people not to give up when they receive a denial the first time, eventually things will work out as long as you are willing to work hard for it!

And our final question, would you recommend Mundialz to other expats/engineers?

Yes, definitely. Everyone can find a job suited for their needs really quick on the website, due to the clear job descriptions and photos. It is very nice that Mundialz offers so many different jobs and careers in different kinds of countries, making it a unique service for engineers. I no longer had to browse the internet for all kinds sources to find jobs, Mundialz filled in this gap!

Are you interested in globalizing your career? Building a social and professional network in another country? Hesitate no more, check out our vacancies here!



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