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System Install Engineer Stuttgart - Germany

In this interview Mundialz has asked Ignacio, now working at TRUMPF Germany, about his experience of relocating to Germany. Ignacio took the jump from Argentina to Germany to pursue his dream career in engineering.

Where did you first see Mundialz?

I was looking for job opportunities in Europe on the internet. Mundialz was the very first website that came across and took my attention. I decided to look further into the website and found an interesting job offer very fast.

What was your first impression of the Mundialz concept/website?

I thought it all looked very well. I really liked the way the job offer is designed, with really clear and good looking pictures to give me an idea what the job will be like in real life.

What made you decide to apply through Mundialz?

That has to be the fact that, as I said, I really liked the way the job offer and everything looked. It made me decide to apply to the job I had chosen at TRUMPF.

What made you decide to move to a new country?

I really wanted to go for new opportunities. I knew that in Europe lots of countries have amazing opportunities for my type of work. Germany in specific has a lot of cool opportunities for engineers, which made me decide to really try to get a job over there.

What is the expat community in Germany like?

In general, people in Germany are very caring and nice towards me. You notice that meeting new people is very easy, and even before I started working at TRUMPF lots of co-workers contacted me. This really made me feel at home instantly.

Do you have any advice for people in the same situation as you?

Yes, of course! Take any opportunity you get, and do not hesitate. I am so happy that I decided to take this opportunity, because I am now living my dream career in Germany, all the way from Argentina. I don’t have a single regret towards my decision to start my career abroad, I would advise people to not hesitate and take the opportunities they receive!

And our final question, would you recommend Mundialz to other expats/engineers?

Yes, definitely! The process in general was really fast and clear. After applying I got a response within one day which was really surprising for me, this normally takes longer. I was so happy when I got the call that a job was available for me in Germany, I think that other people would really like this process too!

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