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I loved it when I moved over. Something new, something different.

System Install Engineer Eindhoven - Netherlands

In this interview Mundialz has asked Shane, System Install Engineer at ASML, about his experience of relocating to the Netherlands. Shane took the jump from Ireland to the Netherlands to pursue his dream career. 

Why did you choose Eindhoven to develop your international career?

I was doing a lot of research for jobs, and found the job at ASML through one of Mundialz' partners. I applied and got a call from a Mundialz consultant, who invited me for an interview in Eindhoven. I had heard about PSV Eindhoven, but other than that I did not know much about Eindhoven. It was my first time visiting Eindhoven, I had only been to Amsterdam once before. 

What do you like about Eindhoven?

There are a lot of Irish people here. We have our own kind of group, formed from people working at ASML. The Irish pub in Eindhoven is the general meeting point of Irish people living in Eindhoven.  It is not the most vibrant city in the Netherlands, but it is a great city to live in. Last year I was on business trips for more than half of the year, so I kind of like to relax when I am in Eindhoven, which is the perfect place to do so. 

What do you dislike about Eindhoven?

The weather, it is just like home, sometimes it is a bit poor. The nightlife in Eindhoven is not the best there is in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a lot more vibrant, but the train system in the Netherlands is very accessible which makes it easy to visit other cities as well. The nightlife in Eindhoven is about the same as in Galway, Ireland. 

What is your favourite thing to do in Eindhoven?

Besides going to the Irish Pub?

Yes, besides that!

I like to get some excercise here. We have the Shamrock Gaelic Football team here in Eindhoven, which has been formed through the big Irish community here. I also like to play football with my friends here in Eindhoven, it is always a great time! It is a mix of all nationalities who are working at ASML. There are also some people who joined that are not from ASML. 

What is the expat community like in Eindhoven?

It is very diverse, with a lot of different nationalities. When I moved here I was in a house with two other Irish lads, one guy from Spain and even some people from Romania. You are not limited to Irish people, even though there are a lot of us around in Eindhoven. The large diversity is nice to have. I also went to the HUB in Eindhoven, it is a shame I do not have time to go there more often, since I am not here a lot. 

How do locals treat you as an expat?

I get along very well with the Dutch people. At the start it was a bit daunting, being the only Irish guy, but I have been welcomed into a nice city by some great people. I also tried to learn some Dutch words which was pretty hard, my colleagues have helped me with that, especially the bad words that I probably should not say. Even the Dutch 'Boerenjongens' have been very friendly with me. Once they get to know you, they will open up to you and welcome you into their circle. Outside of work it is also very easy to get around, everyone is friendly. 

Do you have any tips for moving to and living in the Netherlands?

It is a good idea to check Facebook pages for places to live in Eindhoven. It is more comfortable to check it out yourself, instead of someone else picking it for you. There are a lot of Facebook pages aimed at the expat community in Eindhoven, with lots of helpful people. Other than that, you should just embrace it, it is an unkown step in your life, but it is worth it. I had never been in the Netherlands before, but I decided to take the jump and I have been very happy here. The Dutch language is hard to learn though, but the Dutch people will help you without hesitation. Everyone speaks English here, sometimes even better pronounciation than the Irish, haha!

What help did you get from Mundialz and ASML?

I got picked up at the airport for my interview, they helped me with housing, setting up my bank account, getting my BSN number. I have also been initroduced to a Dutch languge course, but since I am away so often I could not fit it into my schedule. There are also events happening every year, like a summer BBQ.They have been very helpful, always providing me with the information I need.

Were there any things that you missed during the relocation process?

No, I got acquainted very fast with Irish people that were also living in the house I was moving into. I also received the contact information of a Mundial who was already working at ASML, which helped me a lot. I could ask him about the job, the city and even the process of moving to the Netherlands. It really helped me with my decision making. I would have had more doubts during my decision if I did not get in touch with the Mundial.

Was it easy to build a network here in Eindhoven?

Yes it was. A working network is relatively easy to build, while you are working you get to know new people. My social network is always expanding, even though I am on business trips for most of the time. You get to know so many people through work and the community here in Eindhoven. I have a nice network to rely on, even when I have not been in Eindhoven for two months.


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