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I really like travelling. What's better than combining that with my career?

System Install Engineer Eindhoven - Netherlands

In this interview Mundialz has asked Stephen, System Install Engineer at ASML, about his experience of relocating to the Netherlands. Stephen has always loved travelling, and combining that with his professional career made him take the step of becoming an expat.

Why did you choose Eindhoven to develop your international career?

I did not specifically choose for Eindhoven as my goal destination. My goal destination was my job at ASML as a System Install Engineer. The position was not available when I wanted it, but when it was available I got contacted by Mundialz and they helped me get the job. After three years of working in Ireland I was ready to make the move abroad to pursue my career goals. I love to travel and that is what makes this job so much fun, I've been all over the world, the USA, Korea, Taiwan and China. I love the fact that I get to see so much of the world!

What do you like about Eindhoven?

That is hard to say as I am away for my work a lot. I love the mix in Eindhoven with all the different nationalities. When I am in Eindhoven I love to go out to Stratumseind and the Irish Pub, we go there with some guys who also work as System Install Engineer.

What do you dislike about Eindhoven?

Compared to Ireland, the Netherlands is about the same. When I go abroad for work, to Korea for example, they have a way more different culture. It is not that I dislike the culture in Eindhoven, but the culture gap between here and Asia is very big, that is why I like to travel a lot.

What is your favourite thing to do in Eindhoven?

I like to cycle in Eindhoven. I cycle to work, to Belgium a few times, when going out I always grab my bike. When the weather gets better I like it even more. The roads or somewhat designed for cycling, so I feel very safe while doing so.

What is the expat community like in Eindhoven?

In ASML we have a nice expat community, they helped me a lot with getting settled here. There are a lot of Irish people here in Eindhoven, I've made a lot of friends with people from all over the world who work at ASML. Some are Italian, some are Dutch, Belgian and ofcourse Irish. We go to pubs together or grab a movie from time to time.

How do locals treat you as an expat?

I feel very welcomed by the people in Eindhoven. When I moved over here I did not know anybody, I got picked up at the airport and we went to the city to grab a drink. Everyone was very kind and I made some new friends on my first day here. I never had any problems with people in the Netherlands, they are very kind! 

Do you have any tips for moving to and living in the Netherlands?

Try to learn the Dutch language. The people here are very eager to help you with learning Dutch. Even though the people here have a very good level of English, the Dutch language can help you out in some situations.

What help did you get from Mundialz and ASML?

They helped me get connected with the people here in Eindhoven. ASML organised a introduction week to get to know everyone. I have made several friends during that week that I am still friends with now. They also arranged everything for me, housing, bank accounts, BSN number, they even got me a bicycle! They were very helpful to me. Without them the first few weeks would be way more stressful. They were very open to questions and encouraged me to contact them.

Was it easy to build a network here in Eindhoven?

Yes it was. With all the trainings, dinners and events that are organised by ASML and Mundialz, it is very easy to create a new network here. ASML has events all the time, they encourage all new people to go there.


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