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About Switzerland

Switzerland is in the heart of Europe and borders no less than 5 countries. As such, it is a truly multilingual, multicultural society. Most adults speak at least 2 languages, plus English. It consistently polls number 1 for quality of life. This is due to the clean, safe, natural environment, excellent infrastructure and the large disposable income of its residents. It’s no surprise that hundreds of expats have chosen to make their home here. The country has a reputation for finance and high technological innovation and provides opportunities for many adventurous engineers.

Moving to Switzerland

Switzerland is not in the EU, but it is part of the EFTA. Therefore, EU citizens have a right to live and work here as they please. You just need to register your address within 3 months of arrival. Controls are stronger for non-EU immigrants. You will need a work contract before you come to Switzerland and your employer will have to request a work permit on your behalf. There are strict quotas on how many non-EU citizens are allowed to work here. They will have to prove that you are better qualified than the Swiss or EU applicants. There are, however, massive skill shortages especially for engineers and IT experts.

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Working in Switzerland

The economy in Switzerland is very successful and remains stable , even when neighbouring countries are in crisis. The manufacturing is productive and they work at the cutting edge of technology. Swiss banks have the highest reputation in the world and this extends to all manner of financial services. Swiss Life is the biggest insurance provider in the country and serves millions all over Europe. Jobs at top companies such as Huber and Suhner, Belimo and Sensirion offer top salaries and additional benefits to attract gifted employees. Innovative technological enterprises such as Arktis and Espros provide exciting opportunities to work on groundbreaking projects.

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Living in Switzerland

The Swiss are disciplined and organized. Their system is honest and easy to navigate. The multicultural society is welcoming and there are lots of expat organisations to help you meet like-minded people. Switzerland tops happiness polls, probably due to the high disposable income and living standards. The cost of living is notoriously high, but salaries are high to match. The Swiss are the 5th healthiest nation in the world due to the sporty outdoor lifestyle and the abundance of high-quality food. The outstanding natural landscape logically encourages hiking, mountain biking and all manner of winter sports. Living in Zurich, the capital city, gives you access to a modern metropolis with many recreational opportunities.

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About Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its banks. Their reputation for accuracy, security and precision is respected the world over. Its no wonder that the most successful key sector in Switzerland is finance and asset management. A long history of Swiss innovation and invention has also made them a world leader in advance technologies and ICT. Holding the record for the most patents pending, Switzerland has a record for producing genuinely useful everyday inventions such as cellophane, but also cutting-edge technology like solar powered aircraft.

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Vacancies in Switzerland

The thriving economy has resulted in a huge skills shortage in the manufacturing and research industry. Industrial, computer engineers and all kinds of data and IT experts will find a welcoming job market. In fact, the unemployment rate is the lowest in Europe as a whole. Swiss companies are extending their recruitment process further afield to find the right people. Over 40% of engineers in the country are of foreign origin.

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