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About Switzerland

8 things you didn’t know about Switzerland

Switzerland is the financial centre of Europe and as such attracts thousands of international companies. Read 8 interesting things about Switzerland.

1.More than cuckoo clocks and chocolate

When you think about Switzerland, you think of expensive watches, triangle-shaped chocolate and cheese fondue, but there is far more to this multicultural and forward-thinking country. From the groundbreaking nuclear research undertaken at CERN to the innovative high tech companies dominating the industry, Switzerland is a land of high standards and excellence. They have a reputation you can trust. Their political neutrality has meant that the country has a high level of security in financial transactions and the country’s banking system is regarded as the safest in the world.

2. It’s not as hard to move there as you think

Moving to Switzerland is far from impossible for engineers. Highly skilled workers are in short supply, and the expanding industry has created a pressing need for qualified people. As a result, Switzerland has had to relax its usually strict immigration rules. Although Switzerland is not in the EU, it is in the EFTA and as such EU citizens have almost free movement. Non-EU citizens must be in a high demand profession or have unique expertise, but it's still relatively simple to obtain a work permit.

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3. The salaries can’t be beat

The cost of living can be high, but the great thing about Switzerland is that the wages are generous enough that you will have plenty of disposable cash. The quality of life in Switzerland is repeatedly voted as the best in the world. The environment is clean and safe, and the infrastructure and public services are excellent. Working in Switzerland offers excellent employee benefits, extended vacation allowances and stable economic conditions.

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4. It has an international outlook

Bordered by five countries, Switzerland has a truly multicultural atmosphere. Its geographical conditions and economic strength has resulted in many international and Swiss companies thriving here. Companies such as Huber and Suhner, Belimo and Sensirion based in Zurich, radical startups such as Arktis and Espros and global giants like Semtech in Lausanne. When you think about Switzerland, you think about finance. Swiss life provides insurance, pensions and investment advice to millions across Europe.

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5. The scenery will take your breath away

The Alps have to be one of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world. The air is pure and the landscapes are breathtaking. Winter sports are obviously popular here. Snowboarding, skiing, jet skis, there’s endless pleasure to be had in the snow. In summer, the hundreds of lakes are perfect for relaxing in nature’s swimming pools. If you’re craving a healthier lifestyle with fresh air and lots of space, Switzerland is like heaven.

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6. A wide variety of industry sectors and regions

Like most developed countries, the economy is based on the service industries. Banking is undoubtedly what Switzerland is all about, and the financial services sector is the most respected in the world. Switzerland is also strong in mechanical manufacturing and is gaining traction in its IT and high tech sectors.

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7. It has a reputation for innovation and quality

Swiss scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs invented so many of the everyday things in everyone's houses. Ingenious ideas that would be hard to live without. The Zip, Velcro, aluminium foil and cellophane. All fine examples of Swiss practicality and application. The spirit of Swiss innovation lives on today; more patents are filed here than in any other country in the world.

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8.Swiss connection to Mundialz

Mundialz has a personal connection to Switzerland. Many of our international companies are looking outside of the country to find the talent they require. Mundialz has created a network of expat engineers who have been through moving abroad. They have all the answers to your questions and can guide and support you during the whole process.

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