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Technology hotspots in Switzerland

Switzerland's economy is driven by the manufacturing industry, which contributes over a quarter of its GDP with a strong export focus. As well as being famous for manufacturing high-end watches and clocks, Switzerland also has a very competitive pharmaceutical and chemical industry and flourishing clusters in life sciences, ICT and advanced engineering. Bordering no less than five countries, Switzerland is a truly multilingual society and is one of the wealthiest and complex economies in the world. The country has a reputation for finance and high technological innovation and can provide opportunities for talented individuals wanting to experience Swiss engineering at its best.

Swiss Engineering – Zurich

Zurich is the industrial core of Switzerland. Known for its association with high-end banking and financial institutions such as Swiss Life, Zurich has a reputation as one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Mechanical manufacturing and services companies from around the world are attracted here by the excellent infrastructure and highly educated population. Companies such as Huber, Belimo and Sensiron have their headquarters here. Swiss innovation benefits from substantial financial investment in education and research. There are clusters of exciting start-ups springing up in the city, mostly working in the high technology sector.

Swiss Engineering – Geneva

Geneva is a financial centre of international repute and plays host to many international public and private businesses and institutions. It is one of the world’s leading reserves of gold, and it has been estimated that its banks hold more than half the amount of foreign capital in Switzerland. It is Switzerland’s centre of private banking. Its location at the border of France and Germany, coupled with the security brought buy historic swiss neutrality has made Geneva popular with a wide variety of global companies. The population is skilled and have an international outlook which benefits the industry and commerce. After banking, the largest industry is the manufacture of instruments and precision machinery. The chemical industry is also robust, and it supplies the producers of luxury items such as fragrances and cosmetics—as well as medicines applications.

Swiss Engineering – Lausanne

Lausanne, on the banks of the picturesque Lake Geneva is a key region for commerce, tourism and culture. The economy in the area is fuelled by export manufacturing, together with the IT and financial sectors. Lausanne has a young population owing to its thousands of students at the city’s prestigious university and Polytechnic school. The EPFL Research Institute is regarded as Europe’s MIT and provides a steady stream of ideas and innovation to the local industry. Significant international companies such as Semtech have set up their European headquarters in Lausanne and have become industry leaders in semiconductor solutions.

Swiss Engineering – Mundialz

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