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Living in Switzerland

Switzerland can offer expats an unparalleled quality of life in a beautiful, prosperous country in the centre of Europe. Although not an EU member, Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe, bordering France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein, making it a great base for travelling. They consistently top polls for their standard of living due to their clean safe environment and the individual wealth of their citizens. The high-quality infrastructure and efficient public services make Switzerland an attractive prospect for many expats looking to improve their career and stretch their horizons.

International Attitude

Switzerland is situated in the centre of Europe. Of its 8 million residents, over 1.65 million are foreign-born. It is a multilingual society with most of the inhabitants speaking at least 2 languages as well as English. The stable economy and low taxes have encouraged the growth of large multinational companies such as Huber and Suhner, Belimo and Sensirion. Switzerland is a hotbed of innovation and is renowned for its groundbreaking scientific research. Companies such as Arktis who specialise in radiation detection and photonics experts, Espros, benefit in such an incubator of invention. The Swiss are known as a polite, reliable society. Slightly reserved in comparison to their Mediterranean neighbours but ultimately trustworthy and dependable.


The Swiss are known for their steady nature. Punctuality and discipline are key. This makes life very clear and understandable and can be a huge advantage in a working environment. Socially, the Swiss can be difficult to get to know. Join a club or a society so you can meet people who have similar interests. There are also many expats organisations especially in the larger cities of Bern and Zurich, so people who are internationally minded can meet up. Most expats reported feeling happy in Switzerland, probably due to the high standard of living and large average disposable income. The food in Switzerland is typically quite Germanic. Cheese, potatoes and of course chocolate! However, times are changing, Switzerland has more Michelin star restaurants per capita than any other European country. 117 to be exact! You’re certainly not going to go hungry!

Sports and Recreation

The main reason for living in Switzerland has to be the stunning landscape. Whichever modern high tech city you choose to call home you are still only a stone’s throw away from breathtaking mountain views. Winter sports are obviously popular here, you will find many chances to try things you never thought of before. Snowboarding, skiing, jet skis, endless snowy fun to be had in the alpine environment. In summer, the hundreds of lakes offer opportunities to relax and swim in nature’s paradise. The Swiss are an active healthy population and getting outdoors is very important to them. Hiking, mountain biking and climbing are popular pursuits.


Mundialz knows that choosing to relocate your life to another country can be an intimidating experience. That’s why we’re here to hold your hand through the whole process. Find your dream job and we will help you with the rest. By connecting you to the local community you will feel at home as quickly as possible and can relax and concentrate on enjoying your new life.

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