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Health Insurance Switzerland

Healthcare in Switzerland is universal and regularly rates as one of the best quality systems in Europe and the rest of the world. That does not mean it's free. Healthcare companies in Switzerland are entirely private, although they are subject to strict government regulation and standards. Health Insurance in Switzerland is compulsory for all its residents. Even babies are automatically insured from birth. Expats moving to Switzerland must purchase MHI insurance within three months of arrival. Healthcare companies in Switzerland are not typically sponsored by employers, and you are free to choose the best policy for you and your family. Health insurance is not something that should be obtained at the lowest price. You need to select the optimum plan for your personal circumstances. This may take some time, so you should begin your search before you start working in Switzerland. 

Basic Insurance

All citizens are required to take out individual basic health insurance in Switzerland. There are around 60 non-profit insurance providers, all of whom offer the same essential benefits. You are free to choose the company, and they have no right to refuse you cover. You can only change your provider once a year unless otherwise specified. Doctor visits, prescribed medicines, hospital treatment and surgery, are all covered by basic health insurance in Switzerland. However, there will always be some out-of-pocket expenses. Your insurance should cover 80-90% of your costs. You need to pay an excess of between CHF300-2500 per year, after which you will be reimbursed. Some alternative therapies, such as homoeopathy are included in basic packages. Healthcare companies in Switzerland vary from canton to canton. This encourages healthy competition and premiums can vary a lot, so shop around, and get the best package for you.

Private insurance

All health insurance in Switzerland for foreigners and residents is private. Still, because it is mandatory, some people confuse it with a state system. When people talk about private insurance, they are thinking about supplementary insurance to cover extra things such as dentistry and eye care. You can take this insurance out from the same or a separate insurer. Supplemental health insurance in Switzerland likely entitles you to a broader choice of doctor, better accommodation in hospital and higher reimbursement for dental and optical costs. Premiums and levels of excess vary between healthcare companies in Switzerland and between cantons. Still, wherever you go, you will receive an excellent standard of care. If you want to reduce your premium, you are free to increase your deductible. There are specialised international companies offering health insurance in Switzerland for foreigners if you think you need more international support.

Social insurance

Health insurance in Switzerland only covers your medical bills, sick pay and accident insurance is covered by social security which is also mandatory. Everyone working in Switzerland must contribute a percentage of their salary towards social insurance. This includes sickness, accident, maternity pay, invalidity and unemployment benefits and the old-age pension. Your employer will take care of the administration of these insurances and will also make matching contributions. Your human resources department can help you to apply for sickness or maternity pay should you need it. Unemployment benefits and pensions are paid according to how long you have been in the scheme. You may even be able to claim an allowance if you leave Switzerland to live in another country.  


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