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Living in Zürich

About Zurich

Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city with a population over 409,000. Its central Europe location means France, Germany and Austria are as close as an hour away. It is a transport hub for the county, with rail, road and air networks converging here. Zurich BH station is the busiest railway station in the world. The international airport flies to 60 different countries and is situated just 10km outside of the centre. It’s a global city with one of the largest financial centres in the world. The main industries are banking and R&D. Zurich is known as one of the wealthiest cities in the world and ranks consistently top on Mercer’s quality of life surveys. There are so many reasons to love living in Zurich as an expat. Will you be next?

International Attitude

There is an international feeling to this forward-thinking city. Almost 32% of the city’s population is foreign-born making for a very multicultural atmosphere. With Germany so close, the majority of expats are German but there are also sizeable communities from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Austria. The main language spoken is German but you won’t be troubled too much by a language barrier. Most Swiss speak very good English and with so many international companies such as Swiss Life and Huber in the city, there is no shortage of English speaking jobs. One of the big draws for expats looking to work in Zurich is the lack of pollution and high personal safety. This and the excellent public transportation system make living in Zurich very attractive.


Often thought of as a serious banking town, Zurich is, in fact, one of the hippest places to live. With old factories cleverly converted into trendy nightspots and living spaces, this city is the epitome of contemporary cool. Head to the Züri-West area for the best nightlife. There are festivals throughout the year, the most famous being the Street Parade in August. The Zurich film festival is also an annual highlight. Switzerland is known for its fabulous cooking, it has more Michelin star restaurants than any other country in the world, 17 of which are located in Zurich. Try the 2-star restaurant at the Doldergrand Hotel which also boasts a 550 bottle wine list!

Sports and Recreation

The surrounding landscape of Zurich makes it nature’s playground. The Alps provide opportunities for many outdoor sports and activities. Skiing or snowboarding in the winter and hiking or cycling in the summer. Lake Zurich is a giant natural swimming pool and offers the chance to enjoy watersports of all descriptions. In the summer you can relax at one of the beaches or go boating or windsurfing. Zurich is the home of FIFA and football is very popular in the city. The Letzigrund stadium is the head venue for matches. Zurich also has a world-class ice hockey team, the ZSC-Lions, which is based at the Hallenstadion.

The Swiss are active and love the outdoors, so there is never a shortage of activities for open-air enthusiasts.


The clean, safe environment, the strong economy and exciting job prospects make living in Zurich an attractive option for many expats engineers. At Mundialz, we try to take the stress out of relocating your life. We can answer questions like, ‘what is it like to live in Switzerland?’ and ‘where to live in Zurich?’ We have a growing community of locals that will help you to get connected and settle into your new life. Let Mundialz show you the way.

Search dynamic Zurich jobs and prepare for the future.

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