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Housing in Switzerland

Finding accommodation is probably the most important and the most time-consuming challenge you face when moving abroad. Finding the right place can make all the difference to how quickly you feel at home. So, do you rent, or do you buy? Most expats choose to rent apartments in Switzerland. Switzerland is a renting society, almost 60% of residents don’t own their own home. Renting apartments or houses in Switzerland can be lower commitment for expats. Especially if you’re not sure how long you are staying. Plus, you avoid the responsibility of maintenance costs. Buying property is an option if you intend to stay for longer. Interest rates are at an all-time low and houses in Switzerland can be a great investment. The housing market moves slowly, and property taxes apply, so expats should consider buying as a long-term investment only.


When you’re deciding where to live, you need to look at your lifestyle. Do you prefer to live in the middle of the city surrounded by hustle and bustle? Do you need more living space and a garden? Most expats prefer to live close to where they work for convenience. Zurich apartments in the city centre are usually in a more international environment, which can be comforting when you first arrive. If you’re looking for freestanding houses in Switzerland, it may be easier outside of the urban areas. Living outside of the city in the suburbs or a village will afford more space, but you will pay for it in commute times. Many people, living close to Germany or France, choose to find accommodation over the border. If your contract allows, becoming a frontelier can be a great way of saving money on housing costs.


Most people live in apartments in Switzerland, especially in major cities. Apartments come in all sizes, from one-bedroom studios to large family-sized condos. Houses in Switzerland are hard to come by, many are holiday homes and their rents are much higher. For every 100 Zurich apartments, there are only 4.7 houses. Apartments and houses in Switzerland usually come unfurnished. By that, we mean completely bare, no lighting, no flooring, sometimes no kitchen! You need to check your contract carefully to see what is included and factor in any additional costs. Zurich apartments often have communal spaces, free parking and shared laundry facilities in the basement. Utilities are not usually included in your rent and there will be a service charge to cover maintenance of the building. Don’t forget that the plug sockets are a three-pin variety so make sure you have plenty of adaptors!

Changing Address

When you move houses in Switzerland, along with all the usual things such as stopping the utilities and redirecting your mail, you also need to inform the local government too. You should deregister yourself with your commune and register yourself with the new. Luckily, in most cities, this can be done online with the eUmzug service. Don’t forget that pets need deregistering and registering just like you do. You should also notify the vehicle registration office and your car insurers. Make sure to send the rent cancellation notice by registered post. Apartments in Switzerland need to be returned to their original state before you leave. This means filling holes and re-painting walls.  You are entitled to at least 1 day off work for moving, but employers often give more. Make sure you get a receipt after your inspection so you can get back your deposit!

Housing in Switzerland – Mundialz

Mundialz believe that expats who are happy and settled are more likely to stay in their jobs. We understand that finding a job is only the first step when moving to Switzerland. We’re here to offer you support and guidance all the way. From application to relocation. The ever-growing Mundialz community is a collection of professionals who have been through it themselves and can offer you advice from a truly personal perspective.


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