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Work permit Switzerland

EU citizens

Since the 2002 Freedom of Movement agreement, citizens of the EU and the EFTA have been allowed to live, work and study within Switzerland without restrictions. You can come here for 3 months without a visa to look for work. After 3 months, you can apply for a special permit to allow you to extend your stay, while you look for employment. You must be registered at an employment office and stand a real chance of getting a job for this to be awarded. There are some restrictions on citizens from new EU members Croatia. This Swiss permit type does not entitle you to access to social insurance or benefits.

Non-EU citizens

People coming from a non-EU/EFTA, or ‘third’ country are subject to considerably tighter restrictions. Swiss immigration has strict quotas of how many work permits it awards to third-country nationals. Currently, this stands at 8500 Swiss B-Permits. There are slightly different requirements depending on the country of origin, but in general you will need to have a secured job offer first. Your employer must prove that they have made intensive efforts to find a Swiss or EU national to fill the position. They also must prove that the other applicants were not suitable. Highly skilled or qualified professionals are more likely to get a Swiss B-Permit as they are in shortage. Knowledge of one of the national languages, German, French or Italian, can help your case.

Swiss Permit Types

Swiss L-Permit – A short term permit. If you are from the EU, this is a permit awarded for 3-12 months allowing you to work or look for work.

Swiss B-Permit – A long term residence permit. If you are from the EU, this permit is valid for 5 years. You must have a job contract secured for at least 1 year. If you are from outside of the EU, the Swiss B-permit is valid for 1 year and can be renewed as long as your job contract stays the same. These permits are subject to strict quotas. Highly qualified scientists, engineers and managers are very much in demand and are likely to be granted Swiss B-Permits easily. Applications for visas and residence permits must be made by your employer before you travel. The decision can take anything between 3 weeks to several months depending on your circumstances. When you arrive in the country, you must register with the Canton within 14 days and then you will receive your residence card.

Swiss residence permit C – A Swiss settlement permit is a permanent residence permit which entitles you to live in Switzerland forever. EU nationals can apply after living in Switzerland for 5 continuous years. Non-EU nationals must wait until they have lived in Switzerland for 10 years and must prove their financial viability.

Swiss Immigration – Mundialz

Swiss immigration can seem challenging with all the different Swiss permit types, quotas and restrictions. At Mundialz, we understand the process of moving to Switzerland and aim to smooth the path before you. Let us show you how to get a Swiss work permit and get you settled in your new environment.


Browse new jobs in Switzerland and let Mundialz engineer your career!

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