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Vacancies in Switzerland

Switzerland is number 1 for quality of life in Europe and can offer exciting opportunities for engineers looking to boost their career. The stable economy and rapid growth in the industry has caused a skill shortage, especially engineers and scientists. This clean, safe and picturesque country is a breeding ground for high tech companies and giants of the finance industry.


Switzerland is the centre of the financial realm and its reputation for banking is world famous. Giants of the insurance sector, Swiss Life can offer exciting job prospects to many computer engineers and data specialists. Low corporation taxes have encouraged large Swiss companies to grow multinational. Cable specialist, Huber and Suhner, HVAC experts, Belimo and Sensirion are among the clients we represent. There are also Zurich jobs to found at smaller and medium-sized companies such as Arktis and Espros who are working at the cutting edge of technological breakthroughs.

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Work Environment

EU and EFTA citizens are free to take jobs in Switzerland. Switzerland is a multilingual society and as such there are many jobs in Switzerland for English speakers, although speaking German or French could give you an advantage. The cost of living is undoubtedly high but the salaries in Switzerland are equally high, resulting in an extremely good standard of living. Read our advice pages on business culture and what it’s like to work in Zurich.

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We know how challenging moving to another country can be. We’re here to answers all the questions you have on visas, work permits and more. How do I register and open a bank account? What sort of health insurance do you need? Is it possible to buy a house in Switzerland or is it better to rent? We can offer you all the advice you need during the relocation process.

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The lifestyle in Switzerland is outdoors and active. The Swiss love nature, who can blame them with such a stunning landscape on their doorstep. Living in Switzerland can let you discover a culture and lifestyle you’ve never seen. We have more details on what it’s like living in Zurich and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your new life.

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At Mundialz we want you to be happy. We want you to find your ideal job and help you to settle into your new environment as soon as possible. Broaden your horizons and become part of the Mundialz community.

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