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Companies in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to the world’s highest innovators in research and technology. Central to the financial industry, Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world. With high salaries and a great standard of living, it’s no wonder expats are attracted to relocate here. There are many opportunities for highly qualified and skilled individuals who want to experience the Swiss way of life.

Huber and Suhner

Huber and Suhner manufacture cables and components to optimise electrical and optical connectivity. Founded in 1882 near Zurich, they are now a global market leader in cable and fibre optic technology. Supplying customers in 60 countries worldwide. Driven and committed engineers of all disciplines are required at this futuristic, growth-orientated company.

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Swiss Life

Swiss life is the number 1 Swiss company for insurance and financial products. For 162 years, Swiss Life Zurich has been helping people insure themselves against the uncertainties of life. They also provide pension solutions to companies and individuals, as well as investment advice regarding real estate speculation. Swiss life can offer a rewarding career working at a company where performance is recognised.

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Created in 1975 in Zurich, Belimo is the global market leader in actuator solutions. They manufacture controlling systems for ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. They take their position as the market leader very seriously and strive to remain at the head of innovation. Belimo can offer opportunities to engineers of all descriptions from industrial and mechanical to electrical and computing.

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Founded in 1998, Sensirion designs and develops digital microsensors and systems. They manufacture stylish and economical environmental and flow sensor solutions for the automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer markets. If you want to expand your knowledge and skills in creative surroundings where collaboration is encouraged, then Sensirion might be a good career move.

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Arktis was created in 2007 by a team of engineers and entrepreneurs as an answer to the increasing global threat from radiological substances. They design and manufacture radiation detectors used by security services and law enforcement worldwide. Play your part in ensuring the safety of mankind and join this revolutionary Swiss company.

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Espros are a small Swiss company working at the cutting edge of photonics technology. They produce a portfolio of products including photodiode arrays and amplifiers. Light barriers and curtain devices, line imager, output drivers, and optical filters. The company supplies infrastructure, transportation and the building industry. They also work with aerospace and medical sector. Come and join their young team of radical scientists and engineers in their unique facility, carved into the side of a mountain!

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Climb the career ladder and stretch your own personal horizons by moving to Switzerland. When you decide to live in Switzerland or work in Zurich, you will have a million questions and Mundialz is here to answer them. We have the knowledge and the connections to make the relocation process a smooth as possible.

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