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Arktis Zürich

About Arktis

Arktis design and manufacture next-generation detection systems that identify and categorise nuclear and radiological substances. They are a small startup operation but have control of $12.9 million funding. They operate out of the US, the UK and Switzerland with their manufacturing headquarters in Zurich. There are over 2 million sources of radioactive materials in the world today. Each one poses a threat to the health and safety of mankind. Their proper detection, monitoring and handling are critical to the environment and world security. Their equipment is so accurate and precise and it enables the detection and interception of shipments of nuclear cargo which could be used in international terrorist activities.

History and Mission

The company was founded in 2007 by a team of skilled and highly motivated engineers and entrepreneurs. Rico Chandra, Giovanna Davatz and Mario Voegeli formed the company after some major world events underlined the increasing nuclear threat to international security. The team applied their extensive understanding of nuclear physics to the design and production of next-generation radiation detection systems. Today, the board of directors is made up of experts from Homeland Security and the nuclear industry. In 2011, Arktis won the Global Security Challenge award and has since carried out work for the US and UK governments including US Homeland Security, the DOD, the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Career Sectors

Homeland Security – Arktis supports homeland security by preventing nuclear material from crossing borders illegally. Using mobile and large area neutron detectors they are able to stop the illicit traffic of radiological substances. Their improved accuracy prevents false alarms which cause unnecessary disruption of daily activities at ports and borders.

Nuclear Industry – The tracking and categorising of nuclear resources and waste is paramount within the nuclear industry. Using integrated radiation portal monitors every movement can be controlled without disturbing processes.

Recycling and manufacturing – The screening of incoming materials to prevent radioactive contamination at waste processing plants.

Law enforcement – Arktis provide reliable and flexible mobile detection systems for law enforcement and intelligence personnel. This allows them to assess a threat and decide on a course of action as quickly as possible.

Facility protection – Screening pedestrians or vehicles entering an area, an airport or a concert arena, for example. To prevent them from bringing in radioactive material, targeting civilians.

Research – Arktis gamma and neutron detection systems are used in active scientific research facilities worldwide.

Employee Experience

This fast growing company is constantly looking for highly skilled motivated individuals to join its multidisciplinary team. Experienced engineers, physicists, scientists and data analysts are always needed to push the boundaries of innovation. Working in a relatively new company you will be allowed a greater sense of autonomy and independence than in a larger more established firm. If you want to join a company that is making a real difference to international security then Arktis Zurich could be an exciting environment in which to work.


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