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Belimo Zürich

About Belimo

Belimo is the global market leader in actuator solutions. They develop, produce and market controlling systems for ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. Their newest products work with integrated sensors and electronic controls to enhance safety and energy reduction. They employ over 1600 employees worldwide and operate in 80 countries. Their annual revenue was 640 million CHF last year which shows continued growth. Their fundamental principles are comfort, performance and reliability.

History and Mission

The company was founded in 1975 and moved its headquarters to Zurich in 1979. The name Belimo is the amalgamation of three German words meaning advise, deliver and install. They specialised in actuators which allow the control of valves in ventilation and heating systems in building and factories. They ensure the quality and safety of the airflow in buildings. For example, they provide essential fire safety protection by containing smoke and heat, supporting evacuation processes. As the market leader in actuator solutions, they takes their position very seriously. They have an obligation to set standards and they are motivated to continue to stay at the frontier of innovation.


Actuators - Actuator dampers are designed to open or close valves. Modulate air pressure or temperature. They are also essential in saving lives in the case of a fire or chemical contamination. Controlled remotely by a digital system they can close off sections of a building and or allow different temperatures between workspaces for the occupants' comfort.

Control Valves – Valves control the size of the airflow outlet passage. They are opened and closed by actuators controlled by the digital control system.

Sensors – Sensors in HVAC systems measure temperature, humidity, pressure, and air quality.  They connect to the digital system and the building automation system.  High-quality sensors ensure occupant health and comfort. By monitoring the airflow between rooms, the system can optimise performance and minimize energy waste.

Employee Experience

Working at Belimo Switzerland can be very rewarding and offers opportunities to engineers of all disciplines from industrial and mechanical to electrical and computing. They have been awarded as one of the best employers in Switzerland by the Swiss Employer Awards 2017. Belimo believes in trust, respect, commitment and responsibility. Their responsibility for people’s safety demands the highest standards from its employees. They run a tailored inductive training program and support ongoing education to ensure progression. You will have the chance to work with pioneering technology and installations with prominent customers the world over. Previous employees have praised the work-life balance and culture of collaboration.


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Check out the latest Belimo job vacancies below.

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