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Espros Zürich

About Espros

ESPROS Photonics design, develop and manufacture world-class photonic technology solutions for the optoelectronics industry, imager designers, and researchers. The company is privately owned and currently employs 50 people at its headquarters in Sargans, Switzerland. They also have regional offices in the US and China. The factory in Switzerland is carved into the side of a mountain and consists of 5000m2 of production and office facilities, a 360m2 clean room and a fully equipped lab. They produce products such as photodiode arrays and amplifiers. Light barriers and curtain devices, line imager, output drivers, and optical filters. The company works with infrastructure, transportation and the building industry. They also supply the aerospace and medical sectors.

History and Mission

Beat De Coi created the company in 2006. They started out producing safety optical sensors or light curtains which stop doors from closing on people in elevators and automatic doors. They were finding it difficult to find suppliers for the semiconductor chips they needed so they decided to make their own. Now the company are a world-class photonics chip designer and manufacturer. Their production is in three areas. Making unique products such as light curtains and 3D cameras, customer projects and the foundry business in wafer fabrication. The wafer fab is built deep into a Swiss mountain which provides the isolation against vibration and temperature needed during the lithographic process. It is the ideal cocoon in which to operate IC manufacturing. They have created a specific TOF (Time of Flight) academy where they can train engineers in the 3D imaging systems of the future.

Career Sectors

Standard Products – They produce chips based on pure electronics for light barriers etc. Optical chips such as photodiodes used in consumer electronics and high tech 3D TOF camera ICs that are used for spatial analysis. 3D cameras have numerous applications in many industries. Identity recognition on mobile phones or at border control for example or for robotic alignment during industrial processes.

Customer Projects – Espros works with high profile customers to design tailor-made semiconductor and optical solutions. Customers such as European aerospace for Earth Space observation.

Foundry Business – In-house processing of IC wafers and performing the testing, backside processing and packaging themselves.

Employee experience

Espros is always looking for passionate people to join their young, dynamic, and rapidly expanding high tech company.  Working in a small team has its advantages as you are likely to be given a lot of scope for independence and creativity. Unlike giant corporations where you are just a number, at Espros, every member is a valued part of the team. Innovation and teamwork are the cornerstones of this operation. Work at the cutting edge of technology and push your own personal boundaries working in the heart of the Swiss mountains.


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