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Huber and Suhner Zürich

About Huber and Suhner

Huber and Suhner design and create component systems to optimise electrical and optical connectivity. They operate a 3x3 strategy, 3 markets and 3 technologies. The company manufactures cables, connectors and installations for three main markets, communications, industry and transportation, specialising in radio frequency, fibre optics and low-frequency technology. They are in active partnership with customers in 60 countries worldwide. The company currently employs over 4500 people including 1250 at Huber and Suhner Switzerland headquarters in Pfäffikon. Their success as a market leader in cable technology is increasing year on year and they had annual revenue in 2018 of 885 million CHF. The company provides innovative connectivity solutions for the industry of the future. Think 5G mobile networks, fast charging electric vehicles and high- tech niche areas of space travel and defence.

History and Mission

Originally 2 separate companies. Huber was created in 1882 by Hans Rudolf Huber as a cotton mill. He quickly discovered that the fast-growing field of electrical engineering required insulated wires and he began to wrap copper wire with textiles. The company expanded rapidly into telecommunications and the chemical industry. At the same time, Gottlieb Suhner, a machinist in Herisau Switzerland was producing metal components for the embroidery industry. He moved into the wire business, specialising in producing his own rubber for the insulation of cables and connectors. Eventually, in 1969, the two family companies merged creating Huber and Suhner Switzerland which now focused its efforts on cable systems and communication transmission technology.

Career Sectors

Radio Frequency – Huber and Suhner produce state of the art components, cables, antennae and connectors to provide optimal signal quality. Their knowledge of radio frequency and microwave technology has applications in many industry sectors including radar systems used in aviation or minimally invasive surgery techniques in medical treatments.

Fibre Optics - Fiber optics products created by Huber & Suhner are suitable for complex applications with very high data rates. They make cable distribution systems as well as miniaturised wavelength multiplexers. They provide high-quality optical connectivity in sometimes extreme environments. Conditions such as vibration, electromagnetic interference, and corrosive conditions require specialised solutions to maintain durability and performance. Customers include telecommunications companies using fast data and military and aerospace companies.

Low Frequency – Huber and Suhner provide low-frequency solutions for mobile networks, navigation companies and aviation where long distance communications are necessary. They produce space-saving, light and durable cables that perform reliably, under extreme conditions.

Employee Experience

Huber and Suhner employ the best and they expect the best in return. They can offer a varied career working on interesting projects with high profile international clients. Their employees praise their attitude to the work-life balance of their staff. There is the opportunity to work flexible hours and they provide intensive ongoing training to ensure progression in the company. Ambitious and dedicated engineers of all descriptions are required at this futuristic growth orientated company.


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Browse exciting opportunities at Huber and Suhner.

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