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Sensirion Zürich

About Sensirion

Sensirion designs and develops digital microsensors and systems. They measure and control humidity, gas and liquid flows. Sensors are used for all manner of applications. They could control the heating system in your home, enabling you to save on energy costs. Or they could be used in breathing apparatus during respiratory treatment to monitor oxygen levels. Sensirion has 600 employees from many different countries like USA, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Germany. However, all of their research, development and production still takes place in Switzerland. This means they can still put ‘Made in Switzerland’ on all their products. The company is very successful with annual revenue of CHF 174.8 million in 2018. This represented a massive 18% growth and the trend is set to continue.

History and Mission

ETH graduates Moritz Lechner and Felix Mayer founded the company in 1998. They launched their first sensor in 2000 and the company grew fast. It is now based in Stäfa, Switzerland. They manufacture sophisticated and cost-effective environmental and flow sensor solutions for the automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer markets. The success of Sensirion is, in part, due to innovative CMOSens technology, which combines the sensor and analysis electronics in one semiconductor chip. Their mission is to improve the quality of life wherever possible through unique sensor applications.

Career Sectors

Industrial – Sensors are essential in industry. By monitoring and controlling heat and airflow in HVAC systems you can significantly reduce energy consumption in entire building complexes. Obtaining maximum comfort for the inhabitants and cutting costs at the same time. Sensors can be used to optimise automation processes and also provide critical safety indicators.

Automotive – 1 out of 3 cars manufactured in the world contains at least one Sensirion sensor. They are used in climate control to ensure optimum comfort and reduce energy waste. They can monitor humidity to prevent fogging windshields and they help to meet stringent emission standards.

Medical – The medical sector is getting smarter and demands higher precision sensors with ultimate reliability and accuracy. They control the flow of air during anaesthesia for example or monitor the delivery of drugs during chemotherapy. Sensirion is the number one preferred supplier for medical sensors by the leading MedTech companies.

Consumer Electronics – This is an industry which is constantly looking for new ways to improve quality of life. Sensors can be used in numerous ways around the home. From wearable gadgets to baby monitors. They are used to sense heat, humidity or flow alterations and alert the user.

Employee experience

Sensirion Switzerland is an award-winning employer, applauded for its corporate culture of fair, honest teamwork and communication. Previous employees state it is an inspiring place to work where you have a high level of creative freedom and independence. The work can be challenging and require spontaneous reactions where you are free to improvise. There is a lot of interdisciplinary collaboration during both development and installation. Achievements are recognized and celebrated. There are many great employee benefits such as share options, transportation, sports facilities and the chance to work in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Zurich.


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Find your dream job at Sensirion Zurich!

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