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Swiss Life Zürich

About Swiss Life

Swiss Life ag is a leading European provider of life insurance, pensions and financial products. They are the number 1 insurance company in Switzerland providing 1.3 million customers with tailored financial advice. The company operates out of Switzerland, France and Germany. Giving advice on insurance, pensions, investment and asset management to individuals and corporations. Insurance is a growing industry and the company annual revenue was 19.2billion CHF in 2018, which represents an increase of 4%. They employ 8600 employees worldwide and have a network of nearly 14,000 advisors and partners.

History and Mission

Conrad Widmer founded the original company in 1857 in Zurich. For the past 162 years, Swiss Life Zurich has been helping its customers insure themselves against the uncertainties of life. With life expectancy having doubled since then, the need for people to provide for their own future is ever increasing. This supports the company's vision of allowing people to live a self-determined life. They empower their customers by supporting individuality, give peace of mind by covering their risk and provide reliability through trustworthy wealth management.

Career Sectors

Insurance – Swiss Life Zurich offers comprehensive life insurance, pension advice and financial solutions to over 1 million customers. They use their expertise to provide security for companies with occupational insurance against corporate legal action for example. Customers can insure themselves for every eventuality. Life, death, travel, health or accident, they’ve got you covered.

Pensions - Individuals need to be able to take care of themselves for longer so the need for personal pensions has never been greater. They provide security by principally investing in bonds and real estate. Corporations also provide employee pensions and other benefits. Swiss Life's business engineers are there to assess their risk capacity and minimise costs.

Investment – Swiss Life ag offers advice and financial solutions to companies and individuals worldwide. Computer engineers with expertise in data management and IT systems could find a career here very rewarding.

Employee experience

Swiss Life believes in autonomy, they are an open-minded employer who listens to their staff and promotes innovation. They run an ‘actively shape your career campaign’ where they create a culture of lifelong learning and support. Performance is recognised and there are regular career analysis and reviews to aid you with your personal development. Previous employees appreciate the work-life balance which provides the opportunity to work flexible hours or take time out when needed. They support well-being with child-care provision, healthcare and social counselling schemes.


Let your career fly with a Swiss Life career. Mundialz will help make the process of relocating to Zurich easy by giving you all the information and support you need. We get you connected with the local community so you can get settled as soon as possible and start to enjoy your new life.

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