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Working in Switzerland

Switzerland has been attracting expats to live and work for quite some time. For such a small country, Switzerland has a very stable economy and a productive manufacturing industry. The steep living costs can be off-putting but this is counterbalanced by equally great salaries and lower taxes. The average standard of living is high as a result. The beautiful alpine setting ensures a clean, safe environment with scenery that is incomparable. Many Swiss jobs are to be found in the banking industry, for which the country has a sterling reputation. Working in Switzerland is very appealing due to the excellent working conditions, long holiday provisions and a good social security system should, anything go wrong.

Expat Opportunities

Switzerland has had an agreement since 2002 so that EU citizens can have free movement to live and work in Switzerland. If you come from outside of the EU, things are more complicated but if you are highly qualified it is not impossible to find a job in Switzerland. In fact, immigration has been continuously increasing over the past 10 years and now 20% of the population is foreign-born, almost 1.5 million. Nearly 40% of the engineers in Switzerland are non-nationals! It is a multilingual society, German is the most spoken language followed by French and Italian. Most Swiss people will speak 2 languages plus English competently. With all the international institutions and companies, there are plenty of jobs in Switzerland for English speakers. Learning German or French, however, will certainly give you an advantage in a competitive job market. Find out more about Swiss business culture here!

Business Connections

The economy is Switzerland is quite a success story, even during the last recession it remained healthy. Favourable tax conditions appeal to multinational companies, especially in high technology. Half of all export revenues come from engineering and chemical production. Swiss companies such as Huber and Suhner, Belimo and Sensirion are based in Zurich and can offer opportunities to engineers and research scientists. Switzerland is a hotbed of innovation. Radical startups such as radiation detection experts, Arktis and photonics company, Espros, have landed huge investment here and are looking for inspired individuals to complement their teams. Switzerland is famous for its banking and finance industry. The largest insurance company in Switzerland is Swiss life who provide insurance, pensions and investment advice to millions across Europe. Switzerland invests highly in its education system to ensure that future generations can support the growing industry.

Career Prospects

With the economy being so strong the unemployment rate is the lowest in Europe, at just over 3%. Rapid growth in the industry has caused a massive skill shortage, especially in engineering and science. Companies are having to extend their search further afield to fill vacancies. There are many jobs in Switzerland to be found in the banking industry. Data analysts, industrial engineers and computer engineers will find many exciting prospects.


When you are thinking of searching for jobs in Switzerland you will probably have many questions. Check out our pages on living in Switzerland and Zurich for information on lifestyle and culture. We can also provide you with advice on immigration requirements for moving to Switzerland so you know what you need before you go. At Mundialz we will help you find your dream job and give you support during the relocation process.

Browse jobs in Switzerland for English speakers here!

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