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Working in Zürich

Zurich is seen as the powerhouse of Switzerland’s economy and among the world’s most important financial centres. Despite having a relatively small population. The city is home to a large number of financial institutions and banking companies. Alongside the banking and insurance sectors, Zurich is home to the majority of Switzerland's research and development institutions. The low tax rates and excellent infrastructure attract overseas companies to set up their headquarters there. The greater Zurich area employs nearly 1.5 million multilingual and international workers in 150,000 companies. Biotech, optical technology, aerospace, automotive supply, and IT are all expanding sectors. Zurich jobs pay some of the highest salaries in Europe, even after taking into account the high living costs people still have a lot of disposable cash. It’s no wonder Zurich is one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

Expat Opportunities

With a 32% expats, Zurich is incredibly multicultural and with so many international companies working in English you shouldn’t find a language barrier when looking for a job. Of course, if you learn a bit of German your horizons can expand even further and it can make everyday life easier. German classes are also a great way to meet like-minded expats. The excellent infrastructure and central location draw global companies to bring their headquarters here. The big names in insurance such as Swiss Life are based in Zurich and offer opportunities to computer engineers and data experts. Companies such as Huber can offer Zurich engineering jobs of all disciplines and there are many English speaking engineering vacancies at the big HVAC sensor companies such as Belimo and Sensirion.

Business Connections

Switzerland puts a high level of investment into education and the industry in Zurich benefits from this as there is constantly a skilled labour pool and a spirit of innovation. The city is home to two major universities, thus enabling access to graduates and high technology research. Therefore the city has many multilingual and highly motivated residents which attract major international companies to set up research centres here. There is an active ecosystem of startups, especially in the high-tech industry. Newly established companies such as Arktis radiation experts and Espros who specialise in photonic technology are pushing back the boundaries of science and innovation.

Career Prospects

Switzerland has a low unemployment rate, around 3.2% and career opportunities are plentiful for talented engineers. Educated and experienced expats are in high demand and Switzerland has agreements with the EU to make it easy to live and work in Zurich. Zurich is almost always at the top spot of quality of life surveys due to the clean environment, good work-life balance and high salaries. If you fancy a challenge you should definitely look at Zurich jobs for your next career step.


Mundialz is here to help with your relocation. We have connections to all the top employers and various expat organisations within the city to help get you started living in Zurich.

Check out the latest Zurich engineering jobs here!

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