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Perform full site acceptance tests on top technology EUV laser systems in the heart of hightech Eindhoven

A high-tech company offering manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools, laser technology and electronics. In Veldhoven the company's Service department is directly located at the customer ASML. The company is delivering laser systems, an essential submodule of ASML EUV lithography systems, and is responsible for the installation, commissioning, final testing and the service for these components.


SAT Engineer in Eindhoven

City & country:

Eindhoven , Netherlands

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Your challenge:

System alignment

  • Aligning the components of the HPSM and drive laser system after the commissioning phase.
  • Figuring out the cause of not meeting system specifications.
  • Monitoring and fine-tuning system components and settings (hardware, software, electronics, fluids and gasses).
  • Delivering a complete system according to the requirements and specifications.

Site Acceptance Test

  • Performing SAT measurements after the complete installation and final configuration.
  • Performing physical and performance tests, using a set of predefined test activities, developed to drive the execution of the test item to meet test objectives.
  • Measuring and examining installed systems, using complex measuring equipment.
  • Checking main parameters, system settings and functionalities, using predefined acceptance test procedures.
  • Comparing the actual results with the expected results and evaluating the outcomes to determine if the system’s requirements and specifications are met.
  • Providing confidence that the product meets both the functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Reporting progress or possible problems to Technical Coordinator or responsible office staff.
  • Maintain close communication to 3rd and 4th line support on advanced issues in case solving these locally proves to be difficult.
  • Coaching and instructing less experienced engineers on performing the same tasks.
  • Preparing the Drive Laser for customer handover under specific conditions.

Product development

  • Proposing possible product changes to simplify the testing, increase efficiency or to increase service possibilities.
  • Reporting product improvements in additional documents.
  • Giving feedback on received procedures and protocols.


  • Writing test reports and filling in the respective documents
  • Sending final SAT report to the headquarters for approval.
  • Timely reporting of hours worked and provided work in SIS.

Our offer

We know changing your career and country is a big step. We make sure moving to the Netherlands will be a beneficiary step for you, in terms of:

  • Dutch employment contract;
  • Good competitive salary conditions, between €40K - €52K per year;
  • Holiday pay (8% of annual gross income), 24 vacation days, (max) 7 bank holidays;
  • Overtime, travel and shift compensation according collective labor agreements;
  • Pension scheme, full payment during incapacity of work, accident insurance, supplementary occupational disability insurance and a collective health insurance;
  • We support your relocation to the Netherlands including working permit, social security registration
  • A personal development program and introduction to our large expat community with several social events a year.

Your experience

Experience with: 

  • Bachelor of Science in a relevant subject
  • Knowledge of system building
  • Knowledge of alignment and testing techniques
  • Technical knowledge of the company's products
  • Detailed knowledge of driver laser systems

Personal skills: 

  • Knowledge of the English language

About Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a city located in The Netherlands. With a population of over 227.000 people, it is the largest city of the south. Eindhoven is located centrally in Europe and easy accessible via Eindhoven Airport. There are three other airports within a 1,5 hour drive of Eindhoven. Other big cities as Amsterdam, Brussel and Düsseldorf are all within a 1,5 hour drive, which makes it easy to visit these during your free time.

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About The Netherlands

The Netherlands has been voted the 4th happiest nation on Earth, by Forbes, and it’s no wonder why. The great work-life balance, wealth distribution, tolerance and lifestyle all add up to a great place to live and work. The Netherlands can offer top salaries and a low cost of living, all coupled with amazing infrastructure and public services. If you’re thinking of relocating to the Netherlands for work then read our advice pages and learn all about the land famous for windmills and tulips.

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Mundialz in Eindhoven

These Mundialz have already made the step to Eindhoven. Get to know the existing Mundialz community and read more about their experiences.

Test Engineer at ASML
Eindhoven - Netherlands

My name is Jamie, I have been living and working in Eindhoven as a Test Engineer for ASML since 2016.

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Software Developer
Eindhoven - Netherlands

Hi my name is Mohamed and I’m a software designer at Philips Healthcare. I live in Eindhoven since June 2016. I’m a Mundial and happy to be part of the high tech and innovation to drive the future.

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System Performance Engineer
Eindhoven - Netherlands

Hi my name is Edwin, I qualified as an Electronic Engineer and have been working and living in Eindhoven since late 2016, I currently work at ASML and I’m enjoying a good balanced work life.

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SAT Engineer in Eindhoven

City & country:

Eindhoven , Netherlands

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SAT Engineer in Eindhoven

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