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Working abroad

Choosing to work abroad gives you the opportunity to travel and make money at the same time. Challenge yourself professionally and personally. Engineering is a global language, your skills are needed all over the world. Open up your mind to new possibilities. Gain experience by working in multinational companies with state of the art facilities. Build your CV with skills and practical experience which demonstrate your adaptability and sense of adventure. If you’re ready for a new career challenge then consider the possibility of an international job.

Working abroad – Netherlands

The Netherlands is a hothouse of design and creativity. High tech companies in Amsterdam and Eindhoven are clamouring for new talent to breathe inspiration into their teams. The Dutch embrace diversity, they are outward looking and encourage collaboration. The healthy economy, great infrastructure and strong diplomatic links attract industry market leaders from around the world. This has caused a massive skill shortage, especially in the engineering sector. Low unemployment, great social welfare and quality education mean that working in the Netherlands is a great way start a career abroad.

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Working abroad – Ireland

The economy in Ireland is growing faster than ever. This, coupled with low corporation taxes has made many multinational companies locate there. The future for working in Ireland looks even brighter. In the post-Brexit world the English speaking nation will form a bridge between Europe, Britain and the US. Cities such as Galway, Cork and Limerick are central hubs in the MedTech and pharma industry. The high salaries for engineers make working on this magical island very attractive to foreign workers looking for international jobs.

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Working abroad – Germany

Germany’s central European location, outstanding infrastructure and reputation for quality have made it the industrial powerhouse of Europe. The economy is the largest in Europe and the 5th in the world. They are leaders in manufacturing, especially automotive production. German companies can offer top salaries, great benefits and an excellent work-life balance. There are plenty of vacation days so you can explore the surrounding region. The unemployment level is very low and the future looks bright working in Germany. The land of opportunity in Europe.

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Working abroad – Switzerland

Switzerland has a very stable and successful economy. Even during recent economic crises, Switzerland remained unscathed. A rich country, they have a reputation for financial services and scientific research. The rapid growth has resulted in a large skill shortage especially computer engineers and data specialists and they are active in international recruitment. EU citizens are free to work in Switzerland as it is an EEA country. If you are an educated or skilled worker, you are in high demand and immigration is simple. Working in Switzerland can offer incomparably high wages and standards of living in a beautifully clean environment.

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Working abroad – About Us

We know what it entails to move and work abroad. We’re more than an international job website. We’re a community of professionals who have been through the process and are here to offer you a guiding hand. Read our information pages to show you the best way to work abroad.

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